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3 Things You Need to Know About the new HPE Certification and Learning Program


If you haven’t already heard the news, November 1, 2015 marks the day Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partner Ready Certification and Learning replaced HP ExpertOne. We have made big changes and improvements to help partners accelerate to The New Style of Business. Our new program will equip partners for immediate success with a new essential sales skill certification along with our new continuous learning actives based on business needs including key HPE events and new product introductions. We launched a new single enterprise sales certification, knowledge credits, and Learning Plan programs with a focus on the Transformation Areas.

Single Enterprise Sales Certification

Time to value defines success in today’s global markets. To empower our partners we streamlined time to value by delivering and optimizing a single sales certification for enterprise sellers. The new certification helps build pipeline and harness opportunities within the top IT Transformation Areas customers care about most.

The new HPE Sales Certified – Enterprise Solutions [2016] Certification focuses on consultative selling, helping you build pipeline. This course teaches partner sales reps how to have customer conversations about the things our customers care about, focusing on business outcomes, which will translate into a larger number of selling opportunities. The Transformation Areas reflect our customers’ four most important business areas today.

Get started on your HPE Sales Certified - SMB Solutions and Services [2016] certification today.

Knowledge Credits

John Ward_HP ExpertOne Training_ HP2-E59_Sales Training.jpgHPE Silver, Gold, and Platinum partners will now be acknowledged for investing time and effort in Continuous Learning activities with HPE such as new production introductions talks, participation in select global and regional event, course completion, and more with our Partner Ready Knowledge Credit program.

The addition of Partner Ready Knowledge Credits provides recognition that you are investing in and participating in continuous learning with HPE; keeping your knowledge and skills up to date; and improving your ability to contribute to higher sales, better business outcomes, and satisfaction for your customers.

This program will be publicly announced and reinforced to the industry and your customers. Earning Knowledge Credits helps your organization meet Partner Ready specialty status requirements and achieve the associated benefits.

Please note the Knowledge Credit program is regionally specific in order to meet regional partner program requirements.

(Image of students in HPE My Learning classroom courtesy John Ward)

Learning Plans

HPE Learning Plans have been a great tool for our learning community. Finding and selecting pertinent sales or technical training is easy. We have enhanced learning plans with content driven by our new single enterprise sales certification and knowledge credit programs making it easier to find great content. Applicable Learning Plans recommend regional events, product introductions, webinars, and other key content to help you fulfil your partner program requirements, stay current with trends, technology, and learn new skills.

Visit our Partner Ready Certification and Training website today for more information on our new single enterprise sales certification and knowledge credit program. Questions? Post them in the comments section. We are excited to launch these new programs and your input and feedback are very important to us.

 My Learning

Join My Learning today to access free learning tools, HPE experts, our global community of IT professionals, and register for your HPE Learner ID today!

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