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6 ways to get social with HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning


HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning is active on social media. We have five channels to choose from, allowing you to connect and follow us using your favorite social media channel.

HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning Blog

Our blog features the latest news from regional and global events. We share certification, training, and exam best practices along with our Mastermind profile series. Masterminds are our highest-level certified professional, HPE Master ASE. Our bloggers are experts in their field of specialty and provide fantastic certification and learning content.

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HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning Forum

Our forum focuses on our entire portfolio of certifications. Questions range from specific certification related issues to courseware and exams. It’s a great place to start if you have any questions. You might find a certified professional or a member of our team has already provided the answer.

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HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning Twitter feed

Our twitter feed is your go to source for up to the minute partner certification and learning news. We are here to answer your questions too.

HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning LinkedIn community

Our LinkedIn community is a large and active community. Members range from people interested in achieving a certification to those who are already certified and looking to upgrade or achieve a higher-level certification.

Join our LinkedIn community and connect with fellow HPE certified professionals.

HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning LinkedIn for Master ASEs community

This community is restricted to Master ASEs. We share new and information that is only for Master ASEs. It’s a great community to stay in touch with your fellow Master ASEs and ask or answer challenging questions.

HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning Google+ community

Our Google+ community is here for you to ask questions, share certification information, and stay current on the latest HPE Partner Certification and Learning news.

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