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I started my professional career more than 10 years ago when I was hired to work at HP Wroclaw. It was December 31st of 2005, when I stepped out of the train with one tiny suitcase ready to start working the week after. I was literally the new girl in town, a rented room and no local friends. With my French and Polish Master’s diploma in hand, I joined the new HR Department with a mixture of anxiety and curiosity of what the next day will bring.




Over the course of the following months, I had the unique opportunity to meet brilliant people, participate in transition of processes and also see the business grow, especially on the local ground.

Two years later, a new opportunity emerged. I decided to shake my career path a bit and move to newly created recruitment department.  At that time, I had no idea that I would stay in this field for so many years. We were a team of twenty people talking to internal candidates from all Europe.  We were tasked with helping them shape their professional career in the organization, partnering with managers, leaders and other HR professionals from all over the world. Throughout those years, I witnessed many milestones such as mergers (EDS), CEO changes (the arrival of Meg Whitman) and finally the split of the hardware and services businesses.

Ewa and her team having a nice chat on Recruiting Strategies!Ewa and her team having a nice chat on Recruiting Strategies!

Over this time, the scope of my job has significantly changed – I became responsible not only for internal hiring but consequently interns and graduates and finally, professional hiring for almost all businesses within this company.  Believe me, there is a big difference in hiring printer sales people, security engineers, contract managers and marketing professionals.

The recruiter job has also evolved during this time – it is not only about selecting and hiring the best talent but also about reporting and metrics, employer branding, and using social media as part of our everyday recruitment tools. I took a chance to be involved in many projects related to our activities, such as improvement of relocation processes, internal hiring and career development on EMEA and local ground. Those additional assignments made me understand how important time and project management skills are and how strong communication skills and cultural awareness impact the final results of common efforts. During this time, I have never had a stagnation impression, on the contrary – it was continuous development and learning that unexpected things happen in the recruiting profession every day.


A nice family walk on a warm day!A nice family walk on a warm day!

After a decade, HPE is splitting again, and I will be joining the new organization in the merge of HPE Software and MicroFocus.

In this new organization, I am given the unique opportunity to run the recruitment process activities and also shape the university and brand strategy in the very dynamic and competitive job market of Wroclaw. 

Over the 10 years that I have been in this city, it has become one of the most vibrant and interesting places in this part of Europe. Wroclaw is a place where you can live well, broaden your knowledge, listen to great music in nice world-class music concerts hall and practice almost every sport discipline one can imagine. A place that I can now call “home”.

Along with the new company size being similar to HP in Wroclaw 10 years ago, there will also be a mix of anxiety and curiosity similar to what I felt when I stepped off that train to start my professional career with HP.


But, what will be different - I will not be stepping out of the train but most probably come to the office by bike, when I finish my day at work I might go and socialize with my friends and their families in one of those bars or restaurants on the main square… And last but not least – for sure I will not be able to put all what is important to me in one suitcase - especially if the most important is my family :-).


Ewa Radziwonowska, Talent Acquisition Adviser at HPE PolandEwa Radziwonowska, Talent Acquisition Adviser at HPE Poland

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Ewa Radziwonowska is an HR and Recruitment professional experienced in working on an international environment for many years. French language and culture lover, English sense of humor addicted, Italian cuisine fan. Mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend and colleague.

Working to find balance in all those roles 24/7.

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