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While embarking on the expedition of learning about HPE business groups, we sat down with Laura Benedetti to learn about her journey as a woman in the IT field, and here's what she shared: 

I joined HPE in an unconventional way as the Company where I was working at that time, had been acquired by HP just then.  Many of my colleagues felt quite worried at the prospect of working in a big multinational company whereas I felt it an exciting and interesting challenge. I had started my professional carrier in fact in a similar environment and I was aware of the variety of opportunities that a multinational organization had to offer.

Important for me was, and still is, to find and share three focus values:

  • Cooperative relation with Customers
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork

I brought along with me the experiences and the approach I had acquired: a consultancy way to find a solution with a customer for a mutual benefit, considering trustful and strong relationships as the basis for long-term cooperation.

Happily, these were the fundamental values I found in HPE both internally with the colleagues and externally with our Customers.

Innovation is undoubtedly the relevant characteristic that drives my career growth. Looking back to my working experience, I can see that innovation related to technological innovation as well as innovation in the way of doing things, were always major elements. Both were also a driver to the projects to work on, and the activities to embrace. And I always found that innovation is a key business need for the Customers as well.  I like to live in an innovative environment where ideas can spring up unexpected

How? Innovation is key at HPE.

HPE brings innovation from R&D Labs to the real-life, contributing to enhancing the way people live and work, always with an eye on sustainability.

Innovation is to be seen not only in products and services but is even strongly supported as a way of working internally.  

I can cite an example from my career: while I was driving an interesting and innovative project on IoT, all the “Smarts” for a city: smart metering for gas and water, smart waste, smart parking, smart light!  An EMEA job posting was launched for HPE IoT EMEA Practice Principle.

My manager was so very supportive and helpful that I applied.

It was not easy to get the job. I approached the preparation to the Interview as a Customer meeting, putting in place the techniques and experiences acquired in several years of project management and in customer-facing engagements: stakeholders’ analysis, effective communication, and presentation.

HPE gave me the opportunity to get the role.

And this was the first time I faced the challenge to manage a national team together with an international team spread from Helsinki to Dubai.

Afterward, a multinational viewpoint became a fundamental aspect of my career path. 

Challenging objectives cannot be reached by a “one-man work”, coral endeavor is the lever to succeed.

I started developing my managerial style in an environment supportive of collaboration with team members, between different teams and customers; based on transparent information sharing and consciousness.

IoT experience has been a key milestone: my managers gave me autonomy, support, and open trust; these are characteristics I highly appreciated and decided to follow as a guideline. I started working at an international level, building a multinational approach.

Recently I have been appointed as Vodafone Commercial Leader: a new challenge has started.

Another Job posting, another challenge, and another preparation to get a job I was very interested in and I felt I had the technological and business knowledge to be appointed as such.

The role implies new and wider responsibilities: responsible for the end to end deal lifecycle and Customer Experience together with the Sales and Design & Delivery Team, contributes to the growth in the Account and its territories through the planning and development of new business opportunities, controls financial performance, supports sales on complex deal negotiations, contributes to the long term strategic account plan, builds a strong relationship with the customer.

Again innovation is a key aspect as the customer is a global technological leader of the telecommunication industry, I can leverage on my multi-year relationship with this customer and a new strong team.

This new job fully embodies my three values: collaboration with the customer to innovate services we cannot give up in our rapidly moving and evolving world.

Working with a group of people living in different countries with a variety of culture and experiences that brings inside the group cues, different perspectives, and relevant creativity.

During my professional career I have worked on mantaining a clear difference between simply moving a brick and making the effort of building a cathedral.


About the Author

Laura Benedetti, Commercial Lead at HPE ItalyLaura Benedetti, Commercial Lead at HPE ItalyOn April the 4th 1997 Laura Benedetti graduated in Business Administration & Economics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.  On May the 2nd,  Laura started her professional carrier in a multinational technological leading company in a new economy business strategy with a consultancy role facing different industrial sectors: manufacturing, automotive, energy telecommunication.

Later, she joined HPE in 2004 leveraging on deep telco industry experience. Covering many roles within HPE Communication & Media Solutions, presently Key Account Commercial Leader in recently created Communications Technology Group.

Stay connected to Laura via LinkedIn and learn about her journey at HPE, how she has created an impact through the Communication and Technology Group (CTG) organization and how you can do it too by exploring Careers at HPE CTG  EMEA and Careers at HPE CTG United States



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