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Annabel K Sweeney is an Associate Intern for Supply Chain Finance at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and also, one of our brightest. This is what she has to share about HPE and her journey as an intern.

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First, I would like to thank HPE for continuing its intern program during the economic turmoil. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Supply Chain Finance and be a part of an awesome intern culture.

During my time within Supply Chain, a lot of changes were thrown into the plan. China Tariffs as well to COVID halting some operations. Even though it seemed that the world would stop at times, I worked with a team within Latin America that handled it with resilience and effectiveness. The team and many other individuals across business units and geographic locations were eager to help this intern with her data collection as well as explaining complex problems within my business unit.

For my project solution, I hope to provide insights into the business with a creative look at financial data analysis. I aligned my proposed solutions with the HPE-wide green initiative of the Circular Economy.

Increasingly, we are finding our commitment to environmental, social, and governance issues to be a key differentiator for our customers that helps us win business. -- John Schultz, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer

It has been great to be challenged with a complex business problem within the Supply Chain Finance team this summer. I look forward to what I can offer to HPE in the future and see how we lead the market in Corporate Social Responsibility to Edge Line Computing to offering customers the flexibility of an as-a-Service business model.

Inspired and energized to go make a difference!

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Annabel K Sweeney.jpgAnnabel K Sweeney is a Finance Associate Intern - Supply Chain Finance at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She holds a Senior Economics and Finance major in the Munday School of Business at St. Edwards University. Collegiate Athlete on the NCAA women's soccer team. Her strengths include Financial Analytics, Microsoft Office and Six Sigma Planning and Management;  demonstrating leadership, work ethic, and teamwork. She is interested in playing soccer and studying abroad, open to internships and future employment opportunities.
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