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All you need to know about the first WW Master ASE Summit!

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HPE Tech Pro Community is excited to launch this exclusive worldwide event designed for Master ASEs and Aruba CEs. Join us for this prestigious invite-only event at the Denver Marriott Tech Center on 3-8 November 2019, Denver, Colorado, U.S. We look forward to covering the full portfolio of HPE Hybrid IT content including HPE Primera, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, HPE Synergy, HPE SimpliVity, AI and much more! Leverage the power of WW Master ASE Summit with over 250 attendees from BU, HPE and Partner Presales!

Build knowledge, expand solution skillsets, and cultivate your network through:

  • In-depth technical trainings such as hands-on labs, electives of your choice and workshops
  • Networking and sharing best practices with like-minded technical experts
  • Teambuilding for a good cause with “Build A Bike”
  • AND participating in the always-popular Engineering Night!

What’s the value for you?

  • Get insights from HPE and address any questions you have about HPE solutions
  • Receive updates on HPE’s latest products, product roadmap and overall HPE strategy for 2020
  • Build strong relationships with the Master ASE community and our top HPE engineers, experts and executives
  • Discuss technology solutions with HPE engineers and peers from all over the world
  • Win the mindset of technical leaders
  • Increase transparency, trust and confidence for HPE technology and its future strategy

Some useful tips before your travel:

  • Pack for the weather: Make sure to check the weather and pack appropriate clothing
  • Bring your travel adaptor for any electronic devices
  • Don’t forget to bring your business cards, since you will be meeting partners from all over the world
  • Find all the event details here.

It’s a great time to join HPE Tech Pro Community!

HPE is investing significantly to enable the technical community. Our exclusive, global technical community for HPE and partner technical professionals - HPE Tech Pro Community - enables accelerated delivery of innovative HPE solutions to customers through HPE and partners worldwide. Access the benefits of HPE Tech Pro Community by becoming a member today at!

We are Social!

Make sure to use the hashtag #HPETechPro on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever social app you’re using, tag all your posts & share the excitement with us! What are you looking forward to the most during your stay in Colorado? Please share it in the comment section below.

We look forward to seeing you on 3-8 November for this prestigious invite-only event at the Denver Marriott Tech Center!

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