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An HR Generalist perspective on Mergers and Acquisitions

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In 2011, after 10 years in various HR roles and being quite savvy in Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits roles and delivering trainings, I came across a job description titled "EMEA MADO HR Generalist" and my first thought was: “Oh, that might be interesting, I will go for it!” Now, after a few years in this role, I can truly say that my initial feeling was not misleading.


Silvia at Platform 9 ¾Silvia at Platform 9 ¾MADO actually translates into “Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Outsourcings” and if you are an HR person in a MADO role, you will find yourself doing Total Rewards consultancy, Project Management or specific HR Generalist work, with the clear objective of successfully transitioning employees from one organization to another.

The role is quite unique for HPE Bulgaria but almost each HPE HR role is unique because of the company itself: an organization of a huge scale globally and plenty of best practices.

The consideration of a merger or acquisition usually comes packed with mixed feelings. These emotional reactions can occur at every level of the organization. How an organization deals with its employees before, during and after the transaction can have a determinative impact on the success of the transaction and that is the 'key' of our role. 




After I accepted the role, I found out that this type of work implies that you liaise with counterparts from other great companies and governments’ representatives all over the world. The work you do is definitely meaningful and you can feel  it really makes a difference to the impacted people. From employee retention and benefit programs, to modifications of policies, and even the importance of a cultural fit, to name just a few, these are all important pieces of the new puzzle. To make the long story short, you are a 'Very Important Person' for us. 

The role is never boring. as you move from project to project, and each one could be more exciting than the previous one. Even in one single project you can find various contradicting pieces to challenge your capabilities: for example, Automatic transfer of people in some countries vs Non Automatic transfer in others; employees wishing to be in the in scope list vs employees unhappy to be in the in scope list; country HR colleagues asking for accelerated process to keep the impacted employees focused vs country HR colleagues striving to ensure as much time as possible for the employees to make their decisions.

So, you always need to make a very strong call to understand deeply each situation requiring specific attention and act accordingly. 

Additionally, I really like the learning opportunities HPE provides. They include on-the-job training, dedicated learning events, stretched projects or even learning things just by talking to colleagues. In addition to being such amazing people, colleagues often provide surprisingly good learning bits, during what you would define as a simple conversation at the "Reoccurring Wine and Cheese After Work" meeting on Thursdays. 

And yes, in case you didn't realize it yet, I really enjoy my time, my work and the people here!

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Silvia Shkoynarova |  HR MADO OrganisationSilvia Shkoynarova | HR MADO Organisation

Silvia joined HP/HPE in February 2011 ,with 10 years of experience in HR, 6 of which in HR Manager’s role. She has been in a few MADO HR roles since then. Her education background is quite diverse, including degrees in Philology and Finance and CIPD qualification in Personnel Practice.

In her spare time, she enjoys time with family as well as mountain hiking, reading books and watching films. Connect with with Silvia via LinkedIn

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