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Re: An Intern to a Lifer - HPE is Home


I was a senior in college at “Universidade Estadual de Campinas” in 1989 when I had the opportunity to work as an intern for HP, the company that I would still be working for in 2020! My major was Computer Science so an internship with a prestigious company like HP was a dream come true. During my internship, I worked twice a week while attending school full time. I was an IT intern, working on the cost accounting system development and support for the HP calculators (e.g. HP12C) manufacturing facility in Brazil. This was the first time I had ever even had a job!

The best part about interning with HP was the fact that all interns were included just as if they were a full-time employee and that meant so much as it set me up for professional success. The whole internship was a competition of who can get a full-time position at the end. There were 4 interns and only 1 spot. I knew that based on my position experience, I wanted to be the one that was chosen. After a fulfilling period and an extensive interview process, I was the one selected. I had landed my dream job with my dream company.

In my first full-time position, I essentially continued the responsibilities that I had while interning but was named a Junior IT Analyst. After one year, I moved to São Paulo, the HP Brazil Headquarters. Since then, I’ve been evolving in my career, including 6 months working in HP Miami, and now I am a Global Business Process Leader for HPE Financial Services.

I have stayed with HP/HPE for 30 years and want to continue to stay with HPE for the next 30 years as I love the work environment here. No two days are ever the same as the work has so much variety. The global leaders are extremely hands-on and because of that, I learn something new all of the time and continue to hone my craft on a daily basis.  The cultural diversity is another part of the job that I love!


Outside of work, I love to travel and visit my friends and family. But unfortunately, have not been able to due to COVID. I am excited to get started traveling again so that I can visit my kids and go to the beach.

My advice for all the interns is to be interested and keep learning. The best way to move forward in your career is to take in every learning opportunity that you can and continue to better yourself.


About the Author 

0.jpgAna Frias is a long-term team member at HPE and loves every minute of it. She loves to travel the world and makes it her priority to try and meet up with other HPE team members as she is out and about. While this pandemic is holding her back a bit, she is normally frequenting as many beaches as she can and visiting her two adult children. Ana has a passion for her job and looks forward to working for such an amazing company for many more years to come. 

Keep in Touch with Ana on LinkedIn and if interested in exploring career opportunities at HPE visit HPE Careers and start your journey today! 


Becca Dugan
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Recruitment Marketing Manager for Americas Region


Congratulations Ana!