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Re: Are your customers ready to catch the 3PAR All-Flash Wave?

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Flash storage is transforming the storage landscape. HPE 3PAR All-Flash arrays are affordable, resilient, scalable, and provide simplicity when compared to traditional spinning disk arrays. What does this mean for you? Customers see how all-flash arrays are designed to accelerate business and simplify IT. As an HPE partner, now is the time to reap the benefits of HPE’s leading All-Flash Array. Learn how to earn double-digit margins and 3x-4x market growth with the 3PAR StoreServ Sales/Foundational Learning Plan. Access our recommended training modules and become knowledgeable on why HPE All-Flash arrays stand out from the rest of the competition.

Everywhere you look, companies are moving to flash arrays as they transition to on-demand IT infrastructures, empowering a data-driven enterprise environment.

“Flash storage has gone mainstream. So mainstream that you may not even realize how many ways that it touches your life or the many ways that people depend on it to fuel new applications and services that we simply didnt have even a decade ago.”

~ Matt Morrissey, 3PAR Product Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Read how some of HPE’s largest customers are using 3PAR All-Flash arrays and the benefits of moving to flash storage in Matt’s article, 3PAR Flash Is Everywhere: Just Ask Any Teenager

In addition to our 3PAR StoreServ Sales/Foundational Learning Plan, we have customer-facing assets, the  Flash Buyers Guide  and the eBook ‘Supercharge your apps with All-Flash storage’ to help you position the transition to all-flash storage. These sales tools provide your customers with strategies for migrating from spinning disks to all-flash storage arrays.

Catch the 3PAR All-Flash wave today and get started with our 3PAR StoreServ Sales/Foundational Learning Plan today!

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Flash Storage is one of the hottest technologies in the industry today. Don't miss out on this opportunity wave.