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Balancing career and motherhood - HPE Costa Rica employee Laura Vanessa Vindas shares her story.

Tell us what you knew and thought about Hewlett Packard Enterprise before you joined the company?

HPE is well known as one of the biggest employers in our area, it has a great reputation and is in a very good location in the city.  I didn't know too much about the HPE split into HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, but my Google research made it clear that the separation was going to lead to growth opportunities for both companies and I was attracted by that.

Was that the reason why you decided to join HPE?

In part, yes.  I had been working for a telecommunications company for 7 years at the time, and professionally I'd found myself in a comfort zone.  I made the decision to seek a more challenging position, looking for companies where I could apply my existing skills while at the same time gaining professional development to enhance my career but still be able to balance being a new Mom.  After talking to someone I knew who worked at HPE, it appeared to be a good fit.  So I went on LinkedIn and started searching.

What happened next?

Well, there were a few positions that were a good fit for my skills and I applied for two.  I was very positive about one of them as I had all the necessary experience for it.  But to my surprise, I was called to interview for the second, more complex role that had greater responsibility and some good learning areas for me.  If I'm honest, I was a bit apprehensive and had mixed emotions, the role was exciting, but was I really going to be able to balance it with my home life.

So, how did the interview process go?

It was a very positive experience as everyone I spoke to immediately made me feel very welcome and comfortable.  They were patient in explaining the role, scope and potential growth and showed genuine interest in getting to know me and my concerns about the ability to balance work and home.  At that time my baby was 8 months old and I was going through al the new mom changes.  I wasn't sure how that would impact my chances of getting the role, but the interview team were very understanding and supportive.  So here I am.

What can you tell us now that you have been part of the HPE family for the last couple of years?

Well, I'm still highly motivated to work here.  The role is demanding, with a broad scope of responsibilities that allow me to interact with multiple teams across different sites.  I have learned a lot of new skills and the experience has made me grow personally as well as professionally.  I am treated with respect in all senses.  The teams are flexible and supportive of my schedule so that I can go home on time and then work when my baby is in bed.  There's a nursing room on-site so it's easy for all Moms to get the time and space they need to express and meet their babies needs without having to go very far.  Overall, I've been supported to achieve work/life balance and I'd recommend HPE as a great place to work.

What advise would you give based upon your experience?

Be open to challenges and take risks.  There are many different roles at HPE that can help expand your expertise and grow your career.

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About the writer:

Laura Vanessa Vindas is an International Business graduate, a working mom, and a valuable member of the HPE Enterprise Group Americas Supply Chain team.  She is responsible for order backlog analysis and risk assessment.  

Based in Heredia, Costa Rica, Laura tells us that she is enjoying the newly remodeled site with its' state-of-the-art business facilities and comfortable new social areas for small team and colleague interaction.

HPE Costa Rica employee, Laura Vanessa Vindas with her familyHPE Costa Rica employee, Laura Vanessa Vindas with her family












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