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Be one of the Synergy 100 at HPE Discover 2016


During HPE Discover 2016, we will be training and certifying 100 partners in our new HPE Synergy Solutions Platform. What is HPE Synergy? Here is a great breakdown.

What is HPE Synergy (Composable Infrastructure)?

Organizations today have more opportunities than ever before to rapidly deliver new applications and services, embrace new business models and enter new markets. Much of the pressure to deliver on these ambitions falls on the IT department, which must simultaneously extract more efficiencies and cost savings out of the traditional systems and applications that run their business, as well as provide a foundation for the rapid creation and delivery of new services with mobile, big data and cloud native technologies.

Supporting these two very different operating models requires rethinking the way IT infrastructure is built. HPE Synergy addresses this challenge by leveraging a new architecture called Composable Infrastructure which consists of three key design principles:

  1. Fluid Resource Pools
    1. Compute, storage and fabric networking that can be composed and recomposed to the exact need of the application
    2. Boots up ready to deploy workloads
    3. Supports all workloads - Physical, Virtual, and Containerized.
  2. Software Defined Intelligence
    1. Self-discovers and self-assembles the infrastructure you need
    2. Repeatable, frictionless updates
  3. A Unified API
    1. Single line of code to abstract every element of infrastructure
    2. 100% infrastructure programmability
    3. Bare-metal interface for Infrastructure as a Service

HPE Synergy physically brings together compute, storage, and networking fabric, and through a single interface powered by HPE OneView, composes physical and virtual resources into any configuration for any application. As an extensible platform, it easily enables a broad range of applications and is ideal for customers looking to deploy a scalable hybrid cloud environment and enable continuous DevOps.

New Synergy Solutions Platform Training


Chris Powell, one of the instructors, says this about the Synergy Solutions Platform training, “This class focuses on how to position and configure Synergy properly. What makes the Synergy solution different is the ability to compose and manage a single infrastructure across multiple frames via the new Management Appliances, the Management Ring and the new Composable Fabrics. We will also cover the new Synergy Compute Modules in context with customer workloads and real world use case scenarios. We do the same for the brand new storage capability delivered in the new D3940 SAS solution.”

 One of the goals of the certification is to make sure the attendees get experience with the Synergy Planning Tool. The Synergy Planning Tool is a new simple and intuitive resource, giving you the ability to plan a Synergy system following the standard build rules we have in ordering systems today. The tool provides multiple pre-configured starting points with the ability to customize. The tool provides a Bill of Materials to facilitate customer quotes and orders. Attendees will use this tool during the class.

Course Details

 This course introduces server architects to HPE Synergy. It is organized into six modules, which are listed below.

  • Module 1: Composable Infrastructure
  • Module 2: HPE Synergy Management
  • Module 3: HPE Synergy Composable Fabric
  • Module 4: HPE Synergy Composable Storage
  • Module 5: HPE Synergy Composable Compute
  • Module 6: Designing an HPE Synergy Solution

Module 1 builds the case for Composable Infrastructure, explaining the trends and challenges companies face and showing why current solutions cannot solve all of these challenges. The module then defines Composable Infrastructure and shows how it is uniquely designed to solve customers’ challenges. HPE Synergy is introduced at the end of module 1 as the first solution architected on Composable Infrastructure.

Modules 2 to 5 introduce and focus on one of the resources that Synergy provides: Module 2 focuses on management, module 3 on fabric, module 4 on storage, and module 5 on compute.

Module 6 then brings it all together, guiding learners through the process of designing a solution and using the HPE Synergy Planning Tool to configure it.

Synergy 12000 FrameSynergy 12000 Frame

Synergy Bill of MaterialsSynergy Bill of Materials

Register today and become one of the first 100 people in the world to achieve this certification. Walk out of the class with a working knowledge and understanding of HPE Synergy Solutions Platform. Your customers and clients will appreciate it!




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