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Become a Just-In-Time Expert with HPE Press

According to a recent IDC Research study, a growing trend in IT education is just-in-time learning – focused self-paced materials designed to fill a particular knowledge or skill gap that can be consumed quickly and easily. Users are looking for nuggets of information required to perform specific tasks. But finding the right technical content at the moment of need can be like looking for a needle in a haystack of needles (navigating through a self-spun web of portals, logins, link farms, briefs, documents, whitepapers, tech talks, webinars, events, emails, and videos). As we move up the information stack, we need to become efficient content curators to manage effectively our own just-in-time learning.

When preparing for exams, the need for focused materials is even more apparent. To supplement the hands-on experience obtained in training or on-the-job, we also need to review exam questions and study topics to understand what’s required to plan, design, and implement a specific product or solution. Web searches often lead to unreliable sources such as cheat sites that promise the world while providing extremely poor, inaccurate, and compromised choices. At times like these, knowing that you have a trusted resource to drive your learning forward comes as a welcome relief.

Introducing HPE Press


HPE Press is the official publisher for HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning self-study materials. Study guides are designed to help learners prepare for certification and master HPE technologies and solutions across cloud, networking, servers, and storage. Additionally, there are guides to the latest converged hybrid infrastructure and management tools such as Synergy and OneView. From basics such as understanding server fundamentals, to specific steps for designing and implementing a backup and recovery solution, to studying for exams, HPE Press publications serve a wide range of learning goals for all user levels.

You can purchase books, in print and eBook format, from HPE Press directly. You will also find Kindle editions of select guides on Amazon. To receive notifications of when new guides are available and any special discounts, register on HPE Press today. By curating your own content library not just you, but also your customers will benefit. Please leave your comments or questions below to help us understand how we can help fill any knowledge gaps for you. Wishing you happy and efficient just-in-time learning!

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About the Author


Michael has been with HP/Hewlett Packard Enterprise for 12 years, fulfilling various roles in Global Partner and Sales Enablement. His current role is as HPE Press Program Manager, driving print and digital publishing services that enable channel partners and pre-sales teams sell HPE solutions across networking, servers, storage, hybrid infrastructure, and cloud.