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Diana is currently acting as a Team Lead for the Information Risk Management Team, which consists of about 50 highly educated information security specialists. They are the wizards that are responsible for the governance of all security services that Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides to our customers. We sat down with Diana to understand better her experience at HPE and here’s what she told us!

What are your main tasks and responsibilities?
My tasks as a Team Lead involve mainly helping all team members in their day to day work - sometimes with an advice, connecting people with various skills, supporting them on a high level in difficult situations, or just to summarize - acting as a fire squad whenever something is burning and needs my help. I am governing the security services not only on team level, but for customers as well. My job keeps me in shape and in touch with all new trends.
Any opportunities for development in this specific position?
In our Information Risk Management Team, or just in short – IRM, there is a possibility to grow as much as you can or want. In HPE there is a huge variety of customers with different environments and needs. You can work as a junior and work closely with an experienced senior specialists located in Bulgaria, or remotely around the world! You have all this experience and knowledge in an arm’s reach – you only have to be confident, self-driven and knowledgeable. You can focus on one customer or information security area, where you feel strong, and everyone can benefit from you, or you can explore new challenges in couple of different areas – grow and gain knowledge.


Do you have any opportunities for development in HPE?

HPE is one of the global leaders in Outsourcing services and it is truly an IT heaven to grow your career in. The current opportunities are unlimited and also if you have the guts you can create one of your own and lead the business. Isn’t this what every career oriented IT specialist is searching for?! I absolutely think it is!
What about your education?
I graduated from the Sofia Technical University - with the Telecommunications specialty. But for an IT professional, education never ends, especially if you want to stay up-to-date with IT industry. I continued with self-paid network courses and many other Security related ones, available freely on the internet. When I joined the company – there was a huge library of trainings for every technology that you would think of, just waiting for a mind open for learning! Also there is pretty good organization for onsite trainings, lead by internal and external specialists that I attended, like CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and CISM (Certified Information Security Manager).
How has your journey been until now?
I joined the company as a first level Mainframe engineer – an exotic field - that I found very exciting and challenging. Soon enough I understood, that I need a wider horizon and I can’t stay chained up in one technology. I was pretty interested in Security since University and I decided to give it a try. I saw the internal job opening for the Account Security Position and decided to apply. Even though the test and the interview were difficult, I succeeded and became a part of the IRM team. As expected, I learned a lot about all other technologies, because in our area you need to know how to secure them all. Also, you need to advise the technicians how and why they should implement the right security policies and standards. Soon enough, all the effort you put in is repaying you – I managed to improve the security and processes for one of my customers, and, at the end of the year, I was within the top 30 employees of the HPE Site in Bulgaria, from all 4000 that work here! That was an amazing year, and this encouraged me to grow even more! After nearly 2 years, I was chosen to be the Team Lead for the IRM team and, my friends, this is when the hard work and responsibilities began! I have been working on this position for more than a year now, and even though it is pretty tough at times, it gives a lot in return - you can clearly notice that it is within your hands to change and contribute with new ideas, shaping the service and leading things in a better direction. This is something that inspires me and make me feel as valuable piece in the well-oiled machine that HPE is.
13063205_1566840710275653_676048524360213837_o.jpgWhat are the trainings and experience needed?
The training and experience needed has been hard to gain, but if you stay focused and patient you can have all of it. As a security specialist, you need to know not only the basics, the Alfa and Omega, but actively stay interested in this area and be informed about all new trends, or even better – all new threats. There is no security specialist that can finish his education, and be valuable on the market after 5 years, if he doesn’t constantly learn.
What about challenges? Have you had any, throughout the years?
One of the biggest challenges for me was to manage to identify clearly my weak spots so that I can improve them. Most of the time I wasn’t patient enough to think things over and find why am I failing at something. I learned to take things little slower and plan actions, so that stress is not so dominant and I can make decisions that are well thought over. The greatest part is that not only I rule this now, but I can inspire and advise my team mates to do the same.



What can you tell us about your achievements?

I am a perfectionist in my work and satisfaction is not so easy to achieve, but when I do – this is the moment when I feel valuable. You know - success is something that feeds an enormous amount of energy in you that is enough for you to guide it in a new direction and achieve even better things. At the end of the day when you see that your work and opinion are valued by your customers and team mates, this is when I feel satisfied.
If you want to join HPE and have a similar experience as Diana, check out our current openings in our HPE Security team : or apply as Account Security Officer

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13041433_1566839596942431_6576821837910135653_o.jpgDiana started in HPE as Mainframe Support Engineer, then joined the Security team as Account Security Officer and progressively grew to a Team Lead Information Risk Management role. She is happy to tell about her unique career journey and let you know more about the security team in Sofia. You can find Diana on Linkedin.







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