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Being an HR Generalist at HPE Turkey

I was excited to get to know the culture, and the great deal of support I immediately received from my colleagues, made me more open and involved in the company. I have been given full responsibility from day one, and I have had people around me who care about me and help at all times.

This has happened mainly to HPE’s culture that is based on partnering for success and innovating permanently. This gives you the opportunity to come up with fresh/new ideas and partner with your peers and managers to bring those ideas to life.

As a matter of fact, this has helped me a lot when dealing with organizing employee events The various teams I have worked with, for these events, have listened to my ideas and we have developed a great working relationship. It has been great to have their expertise on board. I have worked within a team of 6 volunteers to design the Take Our Children to Work 2017 event for the employees in our Istanbul Office. The attendance to our weekly meetings has been really high and the atmosphere has been collaborative for everyone. Even when some ideas have not quite fit the purpose of the event, or the resources have not been enough, everybody has been patient enough to explain the reasons behind. The decisions have been made in a democratic way, and, at the end, when being at the event, everybody has taken full responsibility of the project. It has been a great day for the children of our employees, and we have received positive feedback from all the parents. This has been truly one of my greatest achievements so far!

Take Our Children to Work Day 2017 in HPE Turkey - Istanbul offices.Take Our Children to Work Day 2017 in HPE Turkey - Istanbul offices.

One of the key assignments I've managed so far has been a Leadership Project with the upper management in HPE Turkey, including dealing with two external coaches. In this project I've got the chance to know all of the HPE executives and I have felt really comfortable when working with them. The management team at HPE lives by the same HPE values, so they have been very open in communicating with me and the trainers. They have learned and practiced with passion how to become a better coach for their teams and how to create a better partnership. Seeing their contributions and determination has made me really engaged and motivated in this project, as well. In the end, this is a crucial part of HPE's future.

A sunny day in İstanbul near the beautiful Bosphorus, with the leadership team.A sunny day in İstanbul near the beautiful Bosphorus, with the leadership team.All in all, I believe that I have been lucky to get my first job ever at HPE, and the experience I have gained here will support me throughout my entire career. If these are things that are important to you, get ready to have a great start to your career, and take a look at HPE career opportunities:

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Cansu Ozman joined HPE as HR Generalist in

Turkey in February 2017. She has a BA in Psychology from Koç University and an MSc in Organizational Psychology from City University, London. She has had a couple of internships during her studies within HR and continues her passion in this area. 



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