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My journey in HPE started in October 2013. My previous working experiences had not been so great, but actually counted as my reality checks, and that forced me to lower my expectations on what I could achieve or expect in a Company.

Before HPE, I had previous jobs, mostly in call centers, which I perceived as limiting my ability to yearn a better job and a better quality of life. I was one of those people who thought that working for a big multinational company like HPE was going to be just like working in a big call center where you did not matter at all.

However, the very moment I signed the contract, I realized this place was literally like no other. Since the beginning, it struck me as a surprise to see the passion that my colleagues had for their careers, how important my supervisors made me feel, and the attention and care given in every single feedback that I collected from my team leaders.

Every day I've felt that I have a helping hand next to me, especially in the times that I've needed it the most. And that is what ultimately has made HPE stand from the rest of the companies: in Hewlett Packard Enterprise your work is valued, your skills are taken into consideration, and your efforts are compensated.


In addition, your leaders will always be at your side, helping you to gain the experience, knowledge and skills that you need in order to grow, both personally and professionally.  

My experience in HPE has been all about gathering a collection of challenges…Challenges that I would not dare call "obstacles", since every single trial was designed to improve my skills in a certain way. Even when the pressure felt unbearable at times, there was always someone next to me, pushing me and encouraging me to go above and beyond.

This place has been my second home and each day I've grown closer to the people that I share my responsibilities with. There are no words to express how grateful and happy I feel to be part of the great family of HPE.

One of the things I have learnt through all these years in HPE is that your attitude is - and always will be - the corner stone of your success in life… when you have the will there will always be a way. Your work matters, your efforts count, and your abilities might be just what the company needs. But more important… a healthy work environment, caring managers ,and amazing colleagues might be just what is needed to take out the best in you.  

I invite all of you who may not be feeling comfortable in their current jobs, to give yourselves the chance to be in a better place… a place in which all that you do matters. and where you will develop the abilities to become the professional you have always dreamed. Your career is waiting for you in HPE.  

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Jorge Garro started his career at HPE Costa Rica in 2013 as a 1st level agent in Rockwell Collins and two years later was promoted to 'Voice Coach' which is the role he currently holds.

A true fan of video games and comics with a huge fascination of the English Language.  His passion to deliver the best Customer Service experience has led the way to his successful career! 

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It is all about self-motivation, great part of your knowledge will come from hard times trying to find out a solution from a problem. Without motivation we'll not make it. Be the one that will inspire your colleagues and when you realize you 'll the man.

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