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Blog Series: Get to know our support team

Meet Stacie Hemann, Americas L1 Regional Support Manager, in this new blog series.

Stacie HemannStacie Hemann

Name:   Stacie Hemann

Role:      Americas L1 Regional Support Manager

How long they’ve been with HPE:   20 years, 5 months

Country-based in: United States




Why are you in a support role/ How did you get started?
My story is definitely unique.  I started with Compaq Computer Corporation in 1995 as a temporary worker helping to file/archive the training class rosters.  The temporary assignment would last for several weeks and then end and then they would call me back the next day after the job position was renewed.  My hopes were that eventually I could prove myself and get a full-time position at the company.  Around May 1997 I was offered a position as a High School Teacher / Coach and I had to decide whether I should take that full-time teaching position or wait and bide my time hoping that eventually, Compaq would have a position available.  So my decision was to wait.  About 2 weeks later my manager told me there was a full-time position available, but I’d have to be on the L1 Support team answering the 800# from 8:00 a.m. – 5:03 p.m. Monday – Friday.  I’m NOT a phone person, but working at Compaq was my dream so I took the job.  At the time, there was not a concept of a mailbox/email support and chat was only a dream.  I remember after six months my manager calling me into her office and telling me that I showed great promise in this organization and that someday I would be sitting on the opposite side of the desk in her chair, managing the team.  From those early days, our team motto was “We’re here to serve” and that’s been my philosophy and goal in my job each and every day.  What a privilege it’s been to grow up at this company and within the Training and Certification groups for 20+ years.


What’s your advice for people seeking support?
This may seem like common sense, but my advice is to provide as much detailed information and screenshots as possible when asking for support.  If you are looking for a quick, easy answer I would recommend using chat; however, if you have more detailed questions, screenshots then using our email support is the preferred method.


Challenging support issue that they resolved?
The most challenging issues I’ve ever worked on are those where individuals behave in an unfriendly nature and use vulgar language and profanity towards us as support agents.  We are here to do our very best to assist with support questions and issues and we respect our partners and customers and simply request the same respect in return.


What do you do for fun? Bowling, Crocheting, and Reading

Need support? Learn about our Certification and Learning support avenues.

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