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Celebrating Women at Labs: Interview with Sangeeta Gupta

In celebration of International Women's Day 2021, millions around the world are taking time to celebrate women and their stories. To celebrate their contributions to Hewlett Packard Labs, this week we will be sharing a series of interviews with some of the women of Labs about their background and experiences, as well as their hopes for the next generation of women in STEM.


“Being able to bring the value into the HPE products, that’s just a proud feeling I have” says Sangeeta Gupta, project manager in the Systems Architecture and Management Lab. “If you have heard about industry’s most secure servers – that was a distinction we brought in through our hardware design. Being able to bring a clear distinction in the market in our products, is what I enjoy the most at Labs.”

Gupta studied electrical engineering in India before starting at HPE. She began as an ASIC verification engineer before working more with Labs. She went on to take on the lead role in lab validation in which she manages projects for the next generation of ASIC work. We conversed about how the supportive environment at Labs enables women to succeed.

“I feel very fortunate. With the teams I work with, I have never felt any gender biasing” says Gupta, explaining the initiatives Labs has taken towards recognizing and preventing bias in the workplace. The women’s summit, which was held across Labs, provided an opportunity for women to get to know one another on a deeper level. “For many of us it was stepping out of our comfort zone, yet a great way to increase visibility in the workplace” she says.  

Gupta describes her experience at Labs as very positive and encouraging.

“The support I get from management is amazing. As women are trying to succeed, they are also growing in their personal lives. Personal responsibilities become tangent to your career, and Labs has been very understanding of that.”

Regarding the next generation of women in STEM, Gupta realized the impact she could have by providing answers to many of these women’s questions and concerns. She believes that schools should “start from grassroots level and provide girls with examples who will encourage them to pursue these careers. There is this hesitancy towards pursuing engineering, and female role models are key to dismantling this.” Her hope is that this culture is changed to bring more diversity to companies, emphasizing a certain uniqueness that women bring to tech that can be beneficial.

I hope that the next generation doesn’t let the myth that “tech isn’t for women” steer them away from taking part in the future of engineering.

hpe-sangeeta-gupta.jpgInterview with Sangeeta Gupta, Project Manager, Systems Architecture and Management Lab 






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