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Change and transformation: My career journey

Moving from coast to coast for a summer internship and what I learned and uncovered has helped to mold what is a now a full-time career with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 


My career with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) started a little over four years ago. I relocated from Maine to California to do a summer internship with the company’s Global Procurement organization. This was my first experience working in corporate America, as well as my first experience working in a global environment. After successfully completing my internship I was hooked and knew that this was the type of environment I wanted to work in.

I’ve spent the last 3 years working in HPE’s Global Corporate Services (GCS) organization. My first role was as an Analyst in the GCS PREP (Professional Rotational Experience Program) Program which allowed for rotations through several different facets of the organization. This experience made me well rounded and aware of what I liked and didn’t like about a career in business. After completing the PREP program, I was given the opportunity to lead a major initiative and program relative to HPE’s recent spin-mergers. I led the Change Management & Strategic Communications program for HPE’s Global Corporate Services Solutions & Programs Divestiture Management Office through both the Enterprise Services and Software divestitures. This role was an incredible career opportunity and allowed me to uncover my passion for business operations, change management, and program management! It also led to my current role which involves overseeing the Project Management Framework for HPE’s Global Corporate Services Solutions organization.

I can’t speak about my career journey without mentioning HPE’s Young Employee Network (YEN). We are very lucky to have Employee Resource Groups which provide professional development, networking, and mentoring opportunities for employees to take advantage of outside of their day job. HPE’s Young Employee Network is an Employee Resource Group that I have been involved with since my first day at this company. I started by participating in leadership opportunities in my local YEN chapter and now find myself three years later overseeing the Global YEN council. Being a part of this organization has allowed me to engage and network with senior executives and colleagues all around the globe, as well as attend several of HPE’s largest customer/partner events worldwide.

Roseville YEN Leadership SummitRoseville YEN Leadership Summit

What I’m trying to uncover by providing the details of my career journey is that HPE has given me a tremendous amount of opportunity to grow and succeed as a business professional. In my first four years at this company I’ve been able to lead and oversee global projects and programs, attend our largest customer/partner events all over the world, and learn from some of the most talented industry leaders. While change and transformation can be scary and intimidating, I’ve learned to embrace it. By doing so, I’ve been given incredible career opportunities that I will cherish for years to come.

Business Operations/PMO Lead at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseBusiness Operations/PMO Lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

About the author
Conor Sweeney has been with HPE for 4 years and has predominately worked in HPE’s Global Corporate Services organization. In his spare time he enjoys blogging about wine, cooking, traveling and volunteering in his community.

Conor has been on the Board of Directors for KidsFirst (the child abuse prevention council for Placer County, California) for almost two years.  

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John Perez

Congratulations Conor! It has been a pleasure working with you of the past couple of years. I know you will continue to do great things in your career! Cheers!!

Donna Dusablon

Nice article.  Go Waterboro, Maine!