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Codewars, A Unique Mind Boggling Coding Competition For Senior School Children

On July 27, 2019, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Mahadevapura in Bengaluru witnessed an air of excitement, nervousness and nail biting experience coupled with oodles of fun.

A legacy that was started 22 years ago in Houston with just 80 students has now evolved to become one of the most anticipated and sought after events, exclusively organized for student of 11th and 12th grade. CODEWARS!

Codewars, undoubtedly has become synonymous to a battle field for budding coders across all regions where Hewlett Packard Enterprise has established its presence in. The company that was recognized as one of the Best Employers for New College Graduates by Forbes (2018) set open the battle field for young coders with 20 questions of increasing level of complexity that were to be cracked within a time frame of 3 hours.

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About 100 teams from across various city schools participated in the recently held 4th edition of Codewars on HPE Campus in Mahadevapura. Every student put in the best foot forward battling for the winning title. The event was challenging not only for the participants but also pushed the backstage judges’ jury to the edge of their seats. This is a real deal for the students. They get a feel of what it is like to work in a tech company and see how they fit into the ecosystem. The advantage of such events is that students get to solve the real life problems that they are likely to encounter in the professional life in future.

It was unbelievably mesmerizing to see a completely stacked cafeteria with enthusiastic students eagerly looking forward to a day full of excitement and fun. While few students looked nervous, there were few chilled out folks playing solitaire to beat the time.

The extensive effort that participants put in for the event was clearly visible. They were not just determined to ace the tough coding challenge but also left no stone unturned in putting up the best possible costumes. We saw many iconic characters come alive and the event for sure doubled up as a mini Comicon. The dedication amongst students was such that many teams coded with their masks and accessories on through-out the entire event. Not to forget, the finger licking sumptuous meal and snack was a perfect icing on the cake.

Just to summarize, the Codewars 2019 India event was a great concoction of several quality ingredients: a High-Tech setting, a wide range of Programming Challenges, Plenty of Coding and Tempting Giveaways. All of these in an exciting, stimulating and a competitive environment.

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