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Comet Project Enriches the Values of Inclusion & Diversity

Emily Zou and participants from HPE Comet ProjectEmily Zou and participants from HPE Comet Project

Since 2014, HPE in Dalian has focused on hiring employees with physical disabilities and providing them a meaningful and accessible working environment with opportunities for career development and growth.

The project is referred to as the HPE Comet Project.  The Comet Project was launched at Hewlett Packard in Dalian China in 2014. With their special tails, comets make their unique contributions to the brilliancy of HPE’s vast starry sky.

Our employees at Hewlett Packard Enterprise are among our most important assets, and their innovation, diversity, and passion keep us at the forefront of our fast-moving industry.


HPE Comet project participants and colleagues.HPE Comet project participants and colleagues.

In China as well as around the world, we remain committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce and creating an inclusive environment in which everyone can thrive.

Together, our leaders and employees weave diversity and inclusion into the fabric of our company, helping to drive new business, fuel innovation, and attract and retain the best employees worldwide.

HPE in Dalian has provided career opportunities through various channels, including job fairs that reach the local community, specific referral sessions and public job fairs organized by the government.




Within the business, we lean on support and learning to improve our inclusive environment from experts, such as the Director of the Dalian Disabled Persons’ Federation who shared his experience in the management and communication requirements for employees who are physically impaired. Beyond the business, HPE in Dalian also provided support and career guidance at summer camps held for college students who are physically challenged.

Summer CampSummer Camp

During the interview and recruiting process for candidates who have physical challenges, HPE recruiters and hiring managers always proactively contact such candidates to understand their interest, then help them find the most appropriate job opportunities in HPE.

After onboarding, employees receive customized training for their job and special care. For instance, we encourage the disabled colleagues to work from home in bad weather. Our managers have regular communication with their family members, to ensure a smooth integration into the HPE family. The additional warmth, care and arrangements are appreciated by both the employees and their families.


Advanced Collective in Helping the Disabled trophyAdvanced Collective in Helping the Disabled trophy


Since 2014 HPE has annually hired an average of 7 employees per year. The employees have been hired into a variety of roles including Sales Compensation Operations Analysts, Contract Administrators and Sales Processing Associates. And they are waging their passion and innovation in HPE, with full confidence in their future career development.

Due to the exceptional performance and success of the HPE Comet Project the HPE Dalian Branch was honored with the award of Advanced Collective in Helping the Disabled by the Dalian Municipal Government on August 30, 2017.

At the awards ceremony, HPE’s performance in employing the disabled was highly praised and recognized by Dalian Disabled Persons ' Federation, and HPE’s special efforts have been encouraged by Mr. Tan Zuojun, the secretary of the Dalian Municipal Committee in the meeting.




In addition, the success of the HPE Comet Project in employing the disabled has been reported through both the Dalian Evening News and Dalian Employment WeChat Platform for the Disabled. 


Emily  Zou, APJ Talent Acquisition  Lead.Emily Zou, APJ Talent Acquisition Lead.

Emily (Bo Zou), Talent Acquisition Manager joined HPE China in 2006. She got the MBA degree from Northeast University of Finance and Economics.

As a HR professional, she is good at Sourcing channel exploring, Interview skills sharing, Employee development and Project management.

Her work ethic: to win with rapport.

We invite you to learn more about Hewlet Packard Enterprise culture, explore #HPECareers and stay connected to Emily on linkedin in case you have any questions about openings at HPE. 




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