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Comparing my career journey with my hobby!

My favorite hobby is windsurfing!! It's very difficult to understand the nature of the wind and start to enjoy this beautiful and exciting sport at the beginning. I spent two years of my life with muscle pain, fears, bruises, a lot of tears, anger, helplessness, and a huge wish to giving up all that till I really had fun!

Surfing1.pngThe Female Sponsorship Program (FSP) was the same for me in September 2018. I didn't realize how much my career would change after a year of my participation in the Female Sponsorship Program DACH and Russia region in 2019. Day after day the leaders of FSP (Female Sponsorship Program), my sponsor Dmitri Penyaz (HIT Director in Russia), the best business trainers Sarah Bass and Darlana Lee, and 12 talented ladies from different countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Russia) were discovering a Leader inside me.

In 2 years I enjoyed the strong wind and could ride my board in any conditions having great fun! A huge wish, practice with the best instructors, belief in myself, and my friend’s support helped me to improve my skills in windsurfing!

In 1 year after FSP, I had a full understanding of my strength and my view of my career development. It is hard work to improve my skills every day, and at the same time, it is great fun to create my life with my own hands without blaming my environment and circumstances. The Female Sponsorship Program did not make me the Manager in 1 year, this Program made the Leader inside me, and I am ready to take the next step in my career.

Surfing2.pngEvery day we have different weather conditions. The wind direction can change several times during the day! Just like that, every woman is unique and the Female Sponsorship program can discover the unique woman inside you.

So, what are the next steps for me? In windsurfing, I am opening the new direction-Wave!

Wave windsurfing is a more extreme kind of sport and I want to take up this challenge and overcome my fear of the big waves.

In HPE I am ready to take more responsibilities and lead the people around me. This is a big challenge and opportunity for my career development. Today I am ready to be a manager. I try myself in different roles inside HPE, for example in Project IoT, mentoring of the new employees.

At FSP with leader.pngI continue to learn and study new subjects every day. I have some contacts with HPE executives and I share my bold ideas with them. I know the best content about leadership and different skills improvement. Darlana and Sarah are ready to share with us all the useful information. I have the best female society lead by Eva Faenger. I have my great talented ladies, my friends, and my best support in this program!

I highly recommend all active HPE ladies to apply to the Female Sponsorship Program in your region. A lot of absolutely new information and executives’ success stories will inspire you to dream wider! Your life will change. I know it!


olga-sokolova.jpgAbout the Author:

Olga Sokolova started her career at HPE in 2005. She worked in different posts, from event manager in Marketing to Partner Business Manager. Today she is the SMB Channel Lead in HPE Russia with a focus on SMB growing. Her interests are  IoT, HIT technologies, and Green Lake opportunities for the Russian market. She likes to meet her colleagues from different Geos and share success stories, find the best solutions for HPE partners and customers.

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