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(DISCOVER VIDEO) IEEE Rebooting Computing recognizes Labs work in latest newsletter

IEEE Rebooting Computing, a future-looking group within computer science's leading industry group, has released its latest newsletter and it highlights an HPE News interview with Labs Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker and Beena Amanath, HPE Global VP for AI. The interview covers the progress of both Memory-Driven Computing and artificial intelligence. It also highlights a device and sysems roadmap to which Bresniker has contributed. 

"The HPE Discover Conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2018.," writes IEEE. "During this conference speakers Kirk Bresniker, HPE Chief Architect, and Beena Ammanath, HPE Global VP for AI were interviewed. Bresniker spoke on Memory-Driven Computing while Ammanath touched on the present and future development of AI. "

The organization and Labs have worked together for years, including Labs researchers filling important administrative and leadership roles in the IEEE Computer Society, Recently, Bresniker was appointed to the org's Industry Advisory Board. He also contributed to the Systems and Architectures International Roadmap for Devices and Systems.

To watch the interview, which covers the progress of both Memory-Driven Computing and artificial intelligence. click below.  


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