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(DISCOVER VIDEO) The future of AI: culture, competitive edge, and Memory-Driven Computing

(l. to r.) Trucco, Ammanath, Goh(l. to r.) Trucco, Ammanath, Goh

Watch Beena Ammanath, (Global VP, AI/Data/Innovation at HPE) and Eng Lim Goh (HPE VP & CTO, HPC & AI) talk to Martina Trucco about the future of AI. 

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the hottest area in computing. How do we harness the potential of AI so that humans can shape the next economy, generating business value while embracing diversity? And how are we going to meet exponential demand for computing power and energy-efficiency of an AI-driven future? This session will explore how you can build the culture, skills and emerging technologies necessary to enhance human capabilities across every industry. HPE can help you harness AI for competitive edge, now and into the future.

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