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Framed certifications and diplomas---we all have them, hanging at home or at the office. Of course some of mine are quite dated, but that’s for another conversation.  For these credentials you have spent many hours learning, studying and taking exams to achieve them.

The issue with the paper based diploma or certificate is that they are hard to take with you personally and show customers and employers. From the other side of the desk, they are easily forged by others making it impossible at times for customers and employers to validate their authenticity. With papers they need to rely on the on the honor system when it comes to verifying your certifications. Additionally, even in today’s world where credentials are claimed on social forums, that claim is based on the honor system without proper validation.

Those concerns are no longer an issue now that HPE has introduced digital badges. We believe that open digital badges will become the new framed paper certification documents for a digital world and that you will now be hanging them on the web, not your office wall, if you even have a physical office.

HPE Certification and Learning has partnered with Acclaim, a business of Pearson VUE, to provide certified professionals with digital badges of your HPE certifications. These badges are a great way to display and verify with customers or employers the HPE-based skills and knowledge you have obtained.

Digital badges are online representations of your achievements that you add to an electronic resume, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles, email signatures, or personal and company websites. Each badge is unique to you. Clicking on the badge sends the viewer to a custom verification page that includes your name, HPE certification(s) held, and skills and capabilities required of the certification, along with issue and expiration dates. The technology Acclaim uses is based on the Open Badges Standards maintained by IMS Global. The same technology used by other technology suppliers in the same space as HPE.

We’ve released 17 Aruba and HPE certification badges and will be adding more as certifications are updated and released. If you hold or will be earning one of these certifications, watch out for an email from with instructions on claiming and using your badge. We’ve developed an overview and FAQ if you are new to digital badges. Acclaim also has a great knowledge base for questions on setting up your account and using digital badges.

Congratulations on your certification, make sure your customers and employers know---you’ve earned it!

About the Author


Jim Lucari leads certification solutions enablement in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s WW Sales Enablement organization. He is responsible for sales and technical certification exam development and program operation, certification course development, certification architecture and framework, translations, HPE Press publications, and remote lab operations. Jim has been in IT technology work for over 30 years with experience primarily in networking and storage technologies. He has 20 plus years of experience in training development and certification.