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(Discover Video) Accelerating a Cure for Alzheimer's with Memory-Driven Computing

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Watch Jake Ludington talk to HPE's Hartmut Schulze about systems medicine and HPE's collaboration with DZNE in the service of curing neurodegenerative disease. 

DZNE and HPE are working together to accelerate research around Alzheimer's. HPE has helped reduce the time to analyze large sets of data from hours to seconds through Memory-Driven computing.

This translates to scientists being able to do more data analysis more quickly and also provides the opportunity to ask more questions of the data they examine. Memory-Driven Computing is also leading to lower power consumption when doing data analysis, which translates to lower cost. In this interview from HPE Discover in Madrid, Hartmut Schultze of HPE talks about the impact ubiquitous memory is having on Alzheimer's research and how it may lead to a cure for one of society's biggest challenges.

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