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We know that sport and exercise are good for the health of the body and soul, but it is not always easy to put the body in motion. Or is it?!

I can tell you I’ve always admired people who fall in love with physical activities and sports, especially those that put them in contact with nature. These people inspire me to take care of my health and continue to find the best work-life balance. It has been truly engaging to work daily with so many of my active colleagues at HPE Brazil, and I love hearing about their stories. Recently, I asked employees from the Diversity & Inclusion program on how do they stay fit and motivated, and what keeps them going!

“I love all kinds of sports. Exercising is good for you, physically and mentally. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to increase your well-being, mood, and it’s good for health. I like diversity in sports, from Krav Maga to extreme sports. I attend the gym daily, and practice soccer, running, mountain climbing, Krav Maga, swimming. I also helped organize Futsal Brazil Cup for deaf, and the last World Indoor Soccer Championship of the Deaf, held in Sweden. I also recently had the opportunity to jump with a parachute in Foz do Iguaçu and it was an amazing experience!” Ian Rosadas, Quality Assurance in the R&D Center Brazil, tells me, while showing me his amazing photos.

Ian Rosadas, Quality Assurance, jumping with a parachute in Foz do IguaçuIan Rosadas, Quality Assurance, jumping with a parachute in Foz do Iguaçu

His colleagues from R&D Center Brazil, Felipe and Saraiva also enjoy running together but, at the same time, they are the biggest rivals when it comes to soccer, it just bottles up too much passion! They are both from Porto Alegre, and their hearts beat for the main rivals in the field, Grêmio and Internacional.

Felipe is super proud of his latest achievements: Despite being hearing impaired and making my trainings extra careful, I’ve been running since 2010 and it has never been an obstacle. This year, after much preparation, I was able to achieve my dream: Felipe Silveira Quality Assurance - R&D Center-BrazilFelipe Silveira Quality Assurance - R&D Center-Brazilrun my first 42-km Marathon. Now that I’ve started, I will continue to run without stopping…. ever. In addition to running, another sport that really excites me is football. Grêmio is one of the biggest soccer team in Brazil. I’ve been a Grêmio fan since I was born, and learned from my father to love this team. I watch all the Gremio games, and often go to the stadium. 

Sports for me is a way of life. It’s about relaxation, teamwork, friendship, wellness, family... My wife and I have been practicing sports since we were 4, and we do not have plans to stop. Our kids are also going on the same direction. Nowadays, I am a tennis and soccer player, and I’m running half marathons. I hope I can complete my first marathon next year. We also love going to the stadium and supporting Internacional from Porto Alegre, one of the best soccer team in the world” says Luis Fernando Saraiva, Director at HPE R&D Brazil, a truly wellness ambassador.


Luis Fernando Saraiva and his family, at his favorite team's gameLuis Fernando Saraiva and his family, at his favorite team's game

Kelly Ferro is getting fit in the gymKelly Ferro is getting fit in the gymAnother amazing story comes from Kelly Ferro, who works in the Engagement Desk team: “I believe that exercise is important for both physical and mental health, it helps me, and it strengthens my day to day will to win. The fact that I’m an amputee has not stopped me from achieving anything I’d put my desire, heart and soul to it.

The professional trainers at my gym have put together a special training for me, they created a bike, adapted with tape on the pedal, to secure the foot. There are no limits when you really want to achieve something great!“

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, through the current diversity and inclusion program, supports all our employees that want to become healthier through sport activities. In the last All Employee Meeting, held by Luciano Corsini, Vice President HPE Brazil, we received as guest speaker the one and only Fernando Aranha, coordinator of the project "Inclusive você," and Triathlon Paralympic athlete, that raised funds to donate adapted wheelchairs to the practice of physical exercise in school, for children with disabilities. HPE also made a donation to the project as a way to raise awareness and encourage them to impact positively the lives of many other childrewith disabilities.


Fernando Aranha, coordinator of the project "Inclusive você," and Triathlon Paralympic athlete, taking part in the HPE Brazil All Employee MeetingFernando Aranha, coordinator of the project "Inclusive você," and Triathlon Paralympic athlete, taking part in the HPE Brazil All Employee Meeting

Deborah Anderaos, HPE Brazil Total Rewards Manager, concluded: “As a Total Rewards Manager and Employee Resource Group (ERG) Ability member, I always take into consideration diversity and inclusion whenever I am planning an action or designing a new campaign. Wellness is a global trend, as well as diversity. It is impossible to have a really effective and holistic approach in wellness if it is not inclusive. I truly believe that our company can play a very important role in society in addressing both diversity and well-being.”

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Esabela Cruz is part of Global Diversity and Inclusion Team, based in Brazil. She is also a Social Media lead, driving HPE Careers Brazil social media strategy. Esabela has graduated Psychology and has a Master in Diversity and Inclusion, and is also a Brazilian Sign Language Interpreter.

She is interested in studying all topics related to human beings and also being a D&I Evangelist. If you want to connect with Esabela, you can find her on LinkedIn .







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