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12 months ago, I made the decision to change my career completely and I knew that many companies wouldn’t accept me without the necessary experience. I was looking to restart my occupation as I was currently working in the leisure industry, however I knew that this was going nowhere. Whilst searching for jobs, I became interested in the idea of an apprenticeship as this would mean I could start anew with no experience and gain the understanding, alongside a qualification throughout the job. I stumbled across the IT Technical Sales apprenticeship at HPE. I know that I have never been tech-focused so it was “sales” that drew my attention. I am outgoing and love interacting with people so I made the choice to apply.

The main reservation I had after the application for the position was that I would need substantial knowledge of IT and that I would struggle to get my head around the “techie” side. The only experience I had in IT was the GCSE I obtained, it 7 years prior to joining. This made me skeptical, making me think that I would not be suited to a role involving technology.

0 (2).jpgI didn’t have much awareness of the IT industry, however, I was interested in the Sales aspect because I thought that my personality and character would thrive in a sales environment. My perception of the IT industry before I started was always that it would be draining and tedious because I had no or little interest in technology.

This is when I looked into apprenticeships. I scrolled through the government website with no idea where I wanted to create a new career for myself. I then miraculously saw a name that I recognized Hewlett-Packard, but what did Hewlett-Packard Enterprise mean?


I did more research and found out that in 2015, Hewlett-Packard split into the main two companies HPE and HPI. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise even after the split was a $30 Billion business with over 50,000 people. I liked the idea of working for a big company as they could not only give me the knowledge and resources to become experienced, but also by being larger they would invest in me.

Once I had applied, the process involved multiple interviews, and other processes like assessment and activity days. I got the job. I started in January earlier this year, now being here for 12 months, the opportunity that HPE have given me is incomparable to anything I could have imagined.

I started alongside six other apprentices and this was comforting as it meant there were similar, young people in the position I was in and we were automatically given the chance for early networking. We had an onboarding process, this was obviously a lot of information surrounding history of the company; understanding of processes and management; product information and more. The way that the information was delivered enabled me as someone with no technology experience and understanding was clear, and allowed me to really get insight into what the industry and products that HPE manufacturer. Not only were we given this information in theory, but we were able to get practical experience. We had the opportunity to go to Erskine where we learnt from sales professionals. This shows the investment the company was willing to put into us from day one. Not only have the company invested in me physically, but the culture of the company is supportive with the likes of managers, vice-presidents, managing directors and even the CEO giving time to talk to me about the future of the company and my career.

0.jpgThe experience I have gained in the past 12 months has been instrumental, not only have I gained the knowledge needed to succeed, but also I now have a vast network of people and friends who are there to support me throughout the rest of my apprenticeship and career.

My view from when I started the apprenticeship till now on the industry and business in itself being a women has vastly changed because of the support and the investment HPE has given me to be able to build as an individual. I have learnt that even though I took a big risk in changing careers, with hardly any experience, the industry although looked at as being focused on knowledge and interest surrounding IT, is actually focused on whether you have the attitude to want to learn.

At HPE, I found a company that was supportive of allowing me to grow and support this attitude and mindset. Enabling me to work in an industry that before I would never have thought possible.


Antiana Loxha, Channel IT Sales Apprentice at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseAntiana Loxha, Channel IT Sales Apprentice at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseAbout the Author
Antania Loxha is a Channel IT Sales Apprentice at HPE UK who enjoys learning everyday from peers and leaders. she has a strong background on Science and Technology which has helps as a foundation for her Apprentice role currently.

Stay connected to Antiana via LinkedIn and learn more about our Apprentice Program by applying today to our opening in the UK!  




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