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Dr. Tom Bradicich appointed to head new Intelligent Edge and IoT CoE and Lab

Dr. Tom BradicichDr. Tom Bradicich

By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

What is the role of an R&D lab versus a business unit? According to Dr. Tom Bradicich, “BU’s focus on customer experience, sales, and fulfillment – this is complemented by Hewlett Packard Labs, to invest undistracted in the next big thing and emerging technologies.”

For years, Bradicich led the Converged Servers, Edge and IoT Systems BU. Now, however, he’s the Vice President and freshly minted HPE Fellow, and Global Head, Edge and IoT, Center of Excellence and Labs. In other words, Bradicich has jumped from a bullet train flashing through a metropolis to a Land Rover plunging into the jungle.

“A balance is needed when pioneering new domains,” says Bradicich. “It’s the famous innovator’s dilemma. You ask yourself ‘How do I do the future when I’m preoccupied with the day-to-day business? With this new Center of Excellence (CoE) and Labs, we’re free to move faster into the future.”


The structure of the new CoE and Intelligent Edge and IoT Lab is as innovative as the products it hopes to birth.

The new organization has two primary dimensions. First, it’s an R&D lab. But it is also a “Center of Excellence.” The COE will provide business and technical resources for venture investments and for mergers and acquisition the company may wish to make in the area of edge and IoT. In this guise it stresses its strong collaborative element, working with Corporate Strategy and HPE Pathfinder. In addition, the CoE will focus on channel partner collaboration, incepting and leading new programs to enable HPE partners to profit at the edge – what Bradicich calls, “the third place” – complementing on-premises and cloud.

The straight lab element will include the first mover advantage it retains from the Edgeline Converged Operational Technology (OT) systems, gaining new understandings that will spin out to new and innovative products in the area of IoT, OT data acquisition and controls, edge-to-cloud systems management, video analytics, and network manageability.


Innovation’s great, but without differentiation, Bradicich believes, it can be of limited utility.

“Innovation can be seductive,” he says. If, for instance, a company creates a brand new server – something that has never been introduced before – but discovers a competitor has made the same exact innovation, this is innovative but not differentiated, thus a less compelling value proposition.

“The definition of differentiation is that you set yourself apart by offering customers a unique value, that can’t be bought from a competitor,” he says. “You can innovate without differentiation, but you cannot differentiate without innovation. A good team aggressively follows the trends, but a great team sets the trends.” That will be the motif for this new lab.

According to Labs Director and CTO Mark Potter, HPE’s move to create this Lab is another important example of HPE’s investment in delivering leadership solutions for the Intelligent Edge.   

“The creation of the Intelligent Edge and IoT Center of Excellence and Lab brings top talent from around the company together to help accelerate key solutions for this fast growing and very important area.” says Potter. “We believe Tom Bradicich and his team will prove instrumental in delivering the key innovations and capabilities critical to helping customers.”

More on the Intelligent Edge at HPE Discover

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Labs works with the Intelligent Edge and IoT, consider attending HPE Discover, June 18-20 in Las Vegas. Bradicich will host a Press and Analyst Briefing, revealing several new pan-HPE edge and IoT offerings and announcements.

One demo in particular might be of interest: The data gold rush: Trapped at the edge today, Swarm Learning is how we’re mining for data intelligence tomorrow (DEMO1409)

“This is a great example of confluence,” says Bradicich. “It combines edge – geographically dispersed nodes – and AI learning, with the connectivity of edge-to-cloud. It’s a beautiful symphony, coming together in the concert hall of HPE infrastructure, for benefit of all our customers.”

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