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Easier than ever to find the news on certifications

HPE continues to make it easier for technologists with our partners to find information about the HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning program, stay on top of the latest HPE news, and find the top sales resources with recent enhancements to Seismic.

We’ve improved NewsCenter and DocCenter, putting news and sales resources on our Super 6 selling priorities at your fingertips. New in-language news channels on NewsCenter mean you can read top HPE news in your preferred language—nine options in addition to English.

DocCenter has the top sales resources—aligned to the HPE selling priorities—for sharing with customers. You can find links to training and other assets there as well.

For technical content, Products & Solutions Now (PSNow) remains the primary repository; there you’ll find the full inventory of content for technical audiences—product presentations, catalogs, and datasheets. Product launch information and comparisons of product functionality are also there. Register for one of the upcoming PSNow webinars to learn more about the latest enhancements to this tool.

Subscribe to the Partner Ready Certification and Learning channel in Seismic to get the latest information on the program. Add the Seismic app to your mobile device, enable notifications and you will be one of the first to hear of not only certification updates but key strategic announcements at the same time as HPE sales reps get it. Access the Seismic Android or iOS user guides to learn how to download and set up the app, and modify your notifications.

Access Seismic with your HPE Passport credentials at Learn more about Seismic with the Seismic Help for Partners briefcase.

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