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Empowering the HPE partner sales teams: Breakaway Selling Plus

breakawayselling.jpgHPE Breakaway Selling Plus training changes the selling culture to focus on customer needs

It’s the modern-day sales conundrum: IT sales reps want to sell what’s in their “bag” and focus on the powerful features of their products when calling on prospects and customers.

But with the endless fount of product information available on the web, buyers and decision makers are increasingly self-educated on product capabilities. They are often already familiar with the specifications, pros and cons and the price points. What they really need to help them succeed at their jobs are sales representatives who carefully listen to their needs and wants, ask lots of relevant questions, uncover the buyer’s values and focus on the desired business outcomes. Selling is no longer about having the best product or solution. It’s about results. The results a customer realizes from implementing a business solution.

This is the very focus and objective of Breakaway Selling Plus (BAS+), a unique and intensive three-day course offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. BAS+ trains the sales representative on how to discover what the customer values, and then leverage available assets to position HPE as being able to provide unique value to the customer.

Suitable for partner sales reps at any stage of their career, BAS+ strives to break the pattern of focusing on product feeds and speeds. Instead, the focus is on teaching consultative selling techniques and a disciplined sales methodology that map to, HPE’s sales tool of record. Sales reps learn to confidently communicate HPE’s solutions in the context of the customer’s key business initiatives and articulate the unique value that HPE brings to customers.

HPEgreenbar.gif“Our focus in FY15 and beyond is to ensure partners are properly trained in sales techniques that result in robust Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions that delight their customers… because happy customers buy more, and they buy again"

~ Fatima Morganti, Director of Enterprise Group Indirect Sales, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Brazil

Indeed, Morganti has been a leading supporter and user of the BAS+ course offering in the Americas Region, since its introduction in FY15. As of September 2015, more than 72 partner sales representatives in Brazil have completed BAS+, and more than 200 additional partner reps are targeted to go through this live, interactive three-day course.

The course is both revolutionary and relevant, showing sales reps that the old style of selling technology solutions will no longer work in the new marketplace

HPEgreenbar.gif"In my first few hours of taking BAS+, I realized I had been selling all wrong; but then I realized all the other partners were selling ineffectively as well"

~ Marcelo Jonck, Seprol, Brazil.

He continues: “Many times, customers don’t know what they really need, so the active listening skills I learned and practiced during BAS+ were very important.” Jonck notes that BAS+ is changing the very culture of his firm, from one of memorizing and reciting product specifications to one of engaging in dialog to truly understand what customers need. The goal is that the recommended solution hits the bullseye.

BAS Quote 1.png"We were looking for a way to further empower our sales team," say Alexandre Oliveria, Business Manager of Chip & Cia, a value-added reseller based in northeast Brazil.


Oliveira adds, “Our team was taught how to engage customers differently, with high value placed on listening to customers to identify their values. This is critical to us understanding their real needs and providing the best possible solution”,

In addition to active listening skills, BAS+ teaches attendees important white-boarding skills to story-board the journey that a customer takes, and to share ROI and payback information. “I really liked that the BAS+ training was dynamic and interactive; it was not just a lot of PowerPoint slides,” Jonck of Seprol concludes. He has shared some of the training’s main principles with others in his firm and says many of his colleagues are registered for an upcoming BAS+.

Network1’s Marques echoes the value of the course, indicating, “I plan to send many of my second-tier partners through BAS+.”


According to Oliveira, “There were many valuable learning moments where the teachings provided by BAS+ will be crucial for us to prospect and close more deals. Sales will be BASE quote.pngmore fluid as a result of greater attention to what the customer needs.” Although many BAS+ classes are taught as a private class to one partner only, having multiple partners and partner types attend the same class is also a valuable model. Notes Jonck: “Different partners were in the class I attended, and I think it was a good mix. Partners support each other. It is also an excellent forum for exchanging and sharing experiences.”

 Breakaway Selling Plus offers a unique opportunity for experienced sales reps to learn and practice the consultative selling skills that will help them make quota and elevate their performance in the eyes of customers and within their business.

 For more information on Breakaway Selling Plus, or to find out about a class coming to your locale, please contact your Country or Region Partner Enablement Manager.


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