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Enroll in Super 6 2020 Learning Paths

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Finding the relevant training to help you sell more has never been easier.

Did you know you have access to the same opportunities as HPE teams to deepen your knowledge of HPE selling priorities? This dynamic approach to learning enables us to better work with you, and seize the most relevant market opportunities together.

The Super 6 Role-Based Curriculum is now available in the form of Learning Paths, which are updated monthly, organized by level of difficulty, and are customizable.

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To get started go to My Learning and choose one of these options:

  1. For top courses:

• Click on Get my Super 6!.
• Under Select My Super 6, choose your role and Super 6 area of interest.
• Select Subscribe to generate your Learning Path of top courses.

        2. For the full repository of courses:

• Click on Create and manage my full learning path subscriptions.

• Generate your product or solution Learning Path of choice.

Having trouble? This brief video (00:05:21) shows you how to generate your personalized Learning Path.

About our Super 6 priorities 

Our Super 6 priorities begin with the major trends in the industry and how they impact our customers and their apps and data. Today’s world is hybrid, with workloads spanning the data center, the cloud, and increasingly the edge. The Super 6 has proven to be a useful framework for aligning HPE’s Go to Market (GTM) organizations and partners to focus on top business priorities. In 2020, we will continue to build on this success and evolve with the changing market landscape. Specifically, we have refreshed three areas to be more customer value-led and action-oriented for sellers; the others stay consistent year-over-year.
Refreshed: Transform IT Operations with Composability
Refreshed: Unleash the Power of your Data with Intelligent Storage
Refreshed: Unlock Insights with AI & Analytics
• Redefine Experiences at the Edge
• Define your Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud
• Deliver Everything as a Service

For more information review the Super 6 Briefcase in Seismic.


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