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FY16 vs. FY17 HPE sales certification: What’s new and different

FY16 vs. FY17 Sales CertificationsFY16 vs. FY17 Sales Certifications

If you took the HPE Sales Certified-Enterprise Solutions, the 2016 HPE sales certification course, you may wonder how much content in this year’s course, HPE Sales Certified - IT Business Conversations [2017], is new. As you know only too well, many changes and innovations have taken place since the release of the 2016 HPE sales certification course. Consequently, much of the content in this course is unique. For your benefit, each module will point out the new content. You can focus on reviewing this new content and skip concepts you are already familiar with.

As a general guideline, Modules 1, 2, and 7 provide new content. Much of the content in Modules 3 to 6 is new, and Module 8 provides expanded information about HPE Financial Services and Technology Services.

Learn more about this new certification by reading John Woodrow’s blog post: The new HPE Sales Certification. What’s in it for you?

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