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Finally, a tool to help you speak your customer’s language!

Contributing Author: Johdie Grieve

With new business models and processes emerging constantly, our customers rely on technology for their business success more than ever before. Even so, many of us selling technology struggle to describe the business impact of our solutions. Specifically, we are challenged to show that our solutions can do more than reduce IT costs and improve IT metrics.

Now, HPE has made it easier to align the value of technology solutions to customer business strategies and initiatives: Introducing the HPE Industry Business Value Frameworks (HPE iBVFs)


Each HPE iBVF contains the core information about your customer’s industry vertical in an easy-to-use format. First, an iBVF helps you speak the language of your customer’s business. Simply move your cursor over any term to view its definition and significance in the industry.term_definition.jpg

 Then click on any one of the typical customer strategies to highlight its business value chain. This value chain shows how the strategy connects to the business initiatives, business processes/functions, and key executive, financial, and operational performance indicators (KPIs) associated with it.


The value chain maps help you identify which members of your customer’s organization to target and how the selected strategy (and your solution) supports the priorities of top executives

The value chain map for each business strategy also highlights the HPE Transformation Areas that can enable it. This is a great starting point for telling the story of how your solution can help customers increase their revenue and efficiency while managing their business risk in addition to the more common focus on reducing IT costs.

Your customers also benefit from your use of the HPE iBVFs: They want you to understand how their business works so you can help them be more successful. When you can truly align your solutions with their business goals, your success is completely tied to their success, and you both win.

Many sales professionals and their customers are already getting value from this tool. Here are some testimonials:

“...I shared the Business Value Framework with the CIO of [customer name]. He really liked it, in fact he studied it for some time. ... It reminded me not to assume our senior IT client contacts actually know all of the KPIs that their business is trying to achieve.” Stephen P.

“(The) iBVF helps me to link use cases to business goals and initiatives – strengthening the value proposition of our underlying infrastructure solutions.” – Peter K.

“With the (industry) BVF, HPE can differentiate themselves from competition.” – Customer quote after the iBVF was shared with him.

Want to know more? Check out this 2 ½ – minute Overview video, view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or contact us.

Be sure to bookmark the iBVF landing page today for easy reference, day after day!






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