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Focus on: Application Migration to Cloud and Skype for Business


Two of the most requested Transformation Area Solution Bundles focus on Application Migration to Cloud and Skype for Business.

Application Migration to the Cloud
Quickly position and deliver a secure, tested cloud solution to your customers that accelerates service delivery, improves business performance, and reduces costs.

Some suggested questions to ask your customer:

  • Have you standardized on a cloud operating model-public, private or hybrid?
  • Do you plan to implement new or replace retired applications?
  • What is your approach to migrating to the cloud?

Ideal customer:

  • Midsize and large enterprises who want to begin their journey to the cloud by modernizing/cloud enabling existing virtualized or non-virtualized applications, or
  • Customers who have partially transitioned to a private cloud but need help with application migration.

Partner Resources (Knowledge Credit Eligible*):


Skype for Business

Deliver an "enterprise-grade" consumer experience in the digital workplace that empowers employees with high-performance mobile access, user choice, unified collaboration and communication (UCC).

Some suggested questions to ask your customer:

  • Are your existing PBXs up for refresh? How much budget is there to maintain them?
  • How much do your bridge lines cost you?
  • Do employees use consumer apps instead of corporate systems

Ideal customer:

  • Midsize and large enterprises who want to reduce travel costs, facilitate workplace flexibility, improve communications latency
  • Companies looking to increase productivity by deploying secure and compliant enterprise wide collaboration tools.

Partner resources (Knowledge Credit Eligible*):

For more information, visit our Transformation Area Resources

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