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Two popular Transformation Area Solution Bundles focus on All-Wireless Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Rapid Provisioning.

All-Wireless Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
This solution provides customers with a framework for the deployment and delivery of an all-wireless workplace delivering rich user experience powered by the HPE Moonshot System. High performance wireless access is given priority so users can easily access data and applications using any device, at any time, and from anywhere within the campus network.

The ideal customer:

  • Midsize and large enterprises who want to enable mobility while reducing costs
  • Companies looking to ensure security, governance, and compliance with centralized data and desktop management

Questions to ask:

  • Are you concerned about the ever rising cost of PC refreshes?
  • Do you have security concerns regarding corporate apps and data being accessed across a wireless network?
  • How do you currently manage your desktop and end-user device lifecycles?

Partner resources (*Knowledge Credit eligible):

Rapid Provisioning
Speed up service provisioning of bare-metal Windows and Linux servers and VMware ESXi hypervisors. The software-defined approach offers a consistent, repeatable process for provisioning and re-provisioning infrastructure with reduced risk and cost.

The ideal customer:

  • Midsized or enterprises with HPE ProLiant server environments who want to enable continuous application delivery (DevOps) with automated server provisioning and lifecycle management using legacy storage systems

Questions to ask:

  • Are your business leads satisfied with the speed and release timing of your apps?
  • Does your application dev team currently spend time waiting for infrastructure to be delivered or are they configuring apps stacks on their own?
  • Do you have a consistent, repeatable process for provisioning bare-metal Windows, Linux servers, and VMWare ESXi hypervisors?

Partner resources (*Knowledge Credit eligible):

Customer Presentation Audio (45 min). Presented by subject matter experts

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