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From Research to Reality: a new Labs podcast


A new podcast interviewing some of the tech industry’s most influential thinkers is now available from Hewlett Packard Labs.

"From Research to Reality, " is hosted by Dejan Milojicic, distinguished technologist at Labs and IEEE presidential candidate, who interviews scientists and thinkers both inside and outside of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

This bi-weekly podcast delves into the many phases of technology innovation: ideas, research, development, management, marketing, and more. Milojicic will engage in searching conversations with subjects from diverse backgrounds, including engineers, scientists, mathematicians, business people, and technical managers. Previews will be posted on the weeks between episodes. 

The first episode, an introduction to the podcast, to Milojicic, and to the personality and purpose of the podcast, is up, along with a preview of his conversation with HPE Senior Fellow, Ray Beausoleil. Future episodes will feature Kim Keeton, Kirk Bresniker, and Cullen Bash.

Download or stream at Libsyn, Google Play, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Subscribe via RSS. Subscribe or watch the video versions on YouTube


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