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From Technical Consultant, to certify Project Manager. Where my careers has taken me: Akio's Story



What has been your career journey with HPE so far?

During my college days, I was a UNIX Server based on HP-UX OS user which was the major product of Hewlett-Packard at that time. "HP Way“ was the pride of this company employees I yearned for, and I loved HP products. I joined Hewlett Packard Japan in 2002 (FY02) and my career started working at Mission Critical Support Center (aka. Response Center) as an engineer.  At that time, we supported our customers 24 hours ad day covering Tokyo Hachioji and US Atlanta. This gave me the opportunity to work in Atlanta from 2006-2007 (1year). After that, I was a backline (L2) engineer  responsible for HP-UX. During this period, I obtained various HP-UX Software skills and collaborated with L2/L3/Lab Engineers who worked at various global sites to support our customers.

After 10 year experience of engineering, I reflected about my next career …  I wanted to know my "Customer" more and needed to know the "Business“ more. Fortunately, I changed my role for project management and consulting. I worked for Technology Consulting teams as an account member of the large account for HPE Japan.

Around the same time, I took a dual role as the lead of Japan Mission-Critical System Profession and Mission-Critical Ambassador Programs. I have shared field best practices through these programs and have participated on Technology Symposium/Conferences in San Francisco and Boston for more interactions with people who are working on the same roles and fields.  This was a tremendous oppoirtunity to  expand my network with WW HPE employee and establish  relationship globally with them. (Blue Sky in Silicon Valley is so lovely.)

After fourteen years with HP and HPE, I wanted to improve my management skills and learn the IT services from the customer perspective.  So, I decided to leave HPE to challenge the management role in one of the end-users. Then, I have returned back to HPE in FY18 Q2 to contribute HPE business with my new skills.

Currently, I'm working for Pointnext Advisory & Professional Service as Project Manager/Consultant of Local government.

Tell a story about a time where you successfully demonstrated one of HPE’s values (partner, innovate, act) and the impact it had.

Akio Miyanaga  in one of his family's outdoor adventure!Akio Miyanaga in one of his family's outdoor adventure!First:

I was Project Leader, for a very complex project for over a year. Target is a production system, and the system is mission critical and has to run 24x7.

There were so many project members, and there were so many stakeholders and partners (Customer, Software/Application vendor, HPE business partner, HPE member include sales/presales/support). I took leadership to communicate with them, and we COLLABORATED for the customer, made a strong relationship, then drive and act this project. 


When I was Backline (L2) Engineer, I collaborated with a lot of WW support engineer/lab engineer/marketing team member to resolve customer's trouble, request, and requirement. 

They helped us empathically anytime. I was impressed by their cooperative and positive attitude.


I strongly think this is HPE culture, people and value!


What helped you succeed in your career

I have learned a lot from mentor, colleagues, and managers. They gave me a lot of advice, feedback and opportunities to evolve and grow. So, their support helped shape and developed my career for better.

When I was worried about my career, another mentor advised me that you have only the perspective of "product view", you should know the perspective of "customer view". After that, I changed my career from Engineer to Project Manager.

Through project delivery experience, my manager gave me two things for the customer.

  1. Respond every question with true honesty (question from customer/colleagues, task/issue/trouble, etc...).
  2. Don't draw boundaries about the job/role. Collaborate with other teams, other member from the customer.


What is your advice for others building careers in HPE?

I have three Mottoes which I keep saying to myself. I’d like to advise those mottoes.

1. Execute and Act: "get things done", keep to complete your work/current business at hand responsibly.

2. Collaborate and make the opportunity: HPE is a big company which has a lot of great employees. There are various perspective and various career in HPE. So, I'd like a lot of employees to make the opportunity to meet HPE employee in various country, make the relationship with them and collaborate with them.

3. Internalize and Retention: It's important to learn. Then, please keep to internalize what you have learned and utilize your retention for business.

And, this is my last message. “value the compassion and respect for people around you with a smile. and, always be positive.”

About the Author:

Akio Miyanaga, Technical Consultant / Project Manager at HPE JapanAkio Miyanaga, Technical Consultant / Project Manager at HPE Japan
Akio Miyanaga is aTechnical Consultant Project Manager at HPE with a vast and solid career. 

During his free time, Akio enjoys a good quality BBQ with his family and friends.

Keeping the right balance with his inner self by practicing Yoga and embracing inner peace just by admiring Buddha statues.

If you want to learn more about Pointnext or have questions around HEP products stay connected with Akio via LinkedInFor information about career opportunities at HPE, visit




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