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 It’s been 9 years since I have joined this company, and even today, I feel that every day is a new day, bringing new challenges and opportunities to get new knowledge and skills, to enrich my experience, and learn a new process, task, activity, or to meet new people. I feel that the tasks that I’ve performed have varied greatly, and I’ve never had a dull moment. This dynamic environment is helping me grow both personally and professionally. That’s the beauty of HPE.

I joined HP in 2007 from an IT Managed Services Company and my first impression about the company was that it was employee centric and provided immense emphasis on an individual’s career path. It provided supportive and flexible work environment, and a chance to work with the best & brightest in the industry. These were certainly a lots of reasons why I joined HPE as an Operations Manager with the Technology Services Global Competency Center, in Bangalore. My responsibilities included Budget Management, Resource Management, and Plan of Record for the Center. I was also required to create a structured engagement across regions and drive partnerships.
After the Operations Manager’s role, I took up Business Planning Manager’s position, with Global Analytics team. As part of the role, I was accountable for the complete balanced scorecard and delivering strategy programs. This experience has shaped my current role as a Tower Lead – Business Planning & Strategy. My personal mantra is that one has to invest in themselves, and constantly look for better opportunities.
If I have to describe HPE in a few words, I would say it’s interesting, fun, surprising, insightful, inspiring, impactful! It’s a great place to work with a very cool working environment and friendly people who are willing to share ideas and collaborate to build something together, and have some fun while doing so! But what makes working at HPE truly unique, is the workplace culture that encourages innovation and development.

Rashika and her Customer Solutions Center Bangalore (CSC) team having fun at a team building activity.Rashika and her Customer Solutions Center Bangalore (CSC) team having fun at a team building activity.

One more important thing that I like about HPE is that the company values women in the workplace. We have a woman CEO - Meg Whitman, and there are women throughout the hierarchy, including at more senior levels. This is truly inspiring for me and one more reason to develop myself.

I noticed that at HPE the only thing that is constant is change - we are always looking a step ahead and moving through change and we have a strong senior leadership team that supports employees in the process!
HPE has been attracting bright people who are successful and productive in their roles, which, in return, means you’ll be working with happy, successful people. Once onboard, HPE continues to invest in the employees, through continuous training and mentoring programs.
I feel that you can find tremendous opportunities in HPE, at every phase of one’s career, from traditional IT to strategic roles. My own experience has inspired me to encourage my team, so they can look for challenges within and outside their role. My team is always looking for opportunities to innovate.
Rashika at a Tiger Temple in ThailandRashika at a Tiger Temple in ThailandBesides work, HPE gives you the opportunity to participate, learn or do things which you might not do otherwise – so whether it’s about Diversity Initiatives, taking up a course in your area of interest, or going social, HPE applauds your individuality – never demanding how you must be, but accepting you for what you truly are.
I feel I am valued as a person, that my work is appreciated and my presence is an important part of a vital and meaningful Enterprise, with a common function - to go further, faster.
I don’t believe there is any other company or school in the world that can provide all of these learnings under one roof, and the last 9 years of journey have been truly amazing: “skilling and re-skilling” for each era, with the opportunity to learn and apply these various technologies and tools! I am looking forward to more excitements with this rapidly transforming and innovative company.
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Bike ride from Bangalore to Chennai (about 250 miles)Bike ride from Bangalore to Chennai (about 250 miles)Rashika joined Hewlett Packard over 9 years ago and has held roles in Technology Services teams and Global Analytics. She leads the Business Planning & Strategy team at TSS GSD Customer Solution Center, Bangalore. In Operations and Business Planning roles, Rashika has been responsible for development, implementations and governance of the Balanced Score Card for the respective organizations. Rashika now leads the Business Planning and Strategy team, a truly global TSS GSD CSC center providing support to HPE customers over 40 major countries. She has led various initiatives and roles, such as Leadership and Employee Communications, Capability Development, Contract Management, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Internal Auditor, Resource Management and key strategic programs. Rashika is now a part of the HPE Diversity & Inclusion India Council. She has been driving related efforts at TSS GSD CSC Bangalore. She has an extensive experience in Capability Development and Project Management.

Rashika has a commerce background, she comes from Rohtak, Haryana, but has been based out of Bangalore, Karnataka, since she has joined HP. She is a voracious reader, loves the outdoors, and enjoys both motorcycling and cycling. She is also very fond of cooking and exploring the international cuisine.


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