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Continuous learning is the key to an organization’s success. Take for example Infotheek, the HPE Platinum Partner that doubled sales volume, revenue, and margins within three months of participating in the 12-week HPE QuickStart Onboarding Program.

That’s incredible results but let’s say you don’t have the time to commit to that type of program right now. How do you find the most relevant and up to date training?

Check out the new top recommended training courses based on HPE’s internal LeadingEdge program. These courses focus on key strategic initiatives and highlight our latest solutions and services. Now, available to all Partners, access to the newest LeadingEDGE content means better training alignment across HPE sales and Partners.

Updated quarterly, the current list includes courses on Gen10 servers, SimpliVity, Arista, Synergy, Nimble, and Pointnext.

For Partners with continuous learning requirements, these courses are also eligible for Knowledge Credits. To find out if your Partner has Knowledge Credits requirements, see

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