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You might be asking why bother with certification. Here is what it means to be HPE Storage Solutions certified.

If you do not hold an HPE certification and wonder “what’s in it for me?” or “why bother, I have on-the-job work experience”, I would like to take a few minutes to talk about the value of holding HPE certifications from the perspective of one of our HPE Storage Solutions certified experts.

Kit achieved his first ASE storage certification in 2001 after seeing a need to understand both the hardware and software side of the business. Kit’s professional background is in database programming. As he continued to deploy servers, he saw a need for professionals with strong storage skills. For Kit, achieving the Master ASE Storage Solutions certification was essential in distinguishing himself as a professional with the ability to architect systems that inspire customer confidence.

For Kit, the biggest advantage he has realized from his Master ASE status is the exclusive invitations to attend conferences with fellow HPE Storage Master ASEs.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kit Somal from PCNet ,  and talk about what it means to him to be HPE Storage Solutions certified.

Karl: “How has being an HPE Master ASE helped you achieve your business success?”

Kit: “One of the biggest values of being an HPE Master ASE are the opportunities to rub shoulders with peers and technical gurus. You are able to then quickly exchange ideas and come up to speed on the latest and greatest technology. We discuss where it fits, how to optimize it, and participate shoulder-to-shoulder in hands-on-labs”.

Kit recognizes tremendous value in having Server and Storage experts who design products share with the Master ASE’s their best practices. All of this contributes to an in-depth understanding and increased confidence to deploy HPE solutions.

Kit: “We know it is rock solid, it’s been well architected and know it is going to work. Going through the process of achieving my Master Storage ASE certification has shown me how IT aligns to my customers’ business needs. This is not about selling a product; this is about selling a solution. I listen to their problems and align their IT strategy to their business needs, within their budgetary constraints. It is about understanding their objectives and architecting and designing a solution that provides real value for my customers.”

Kit’s ability to discuss his customers’ business goals, their budget constraints, along with their project deliverables is invaluable. He has built a reputation as a trusted advisor to his customers. They look to him for solutions to their complex business problems, and for his help to remove complexity in their environments. Kit knows how to speak their language and deal with complex business problems. As a result of his investment in HPE Partner Ready Certification and Training, he is able to translate customer business requirements into an enterprise-wide solution across physical, virtual and cloud or IT as a Service (ITaaS) environments.

To learn more about our HPE Storage certifications visit Tune into this blog channel tomorrow for some exciting news about new HPE Storage Solutions certifications.

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Heidi Freeman

Great to hear Kit's perspective.   While I have known Kit for years and value his skill and expertise in the industry, it's interesting to hear what impelled him to begin this part of his journey.   Thank you for sharing, Kit !