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HPE DISCOVER: Demos are the best way to lay your hands on the latest Labs tech

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By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

It is one thing to hear about ground-breaking technology, but it is quite another to see it in action, to talk one-on-one with the researchers responsible for its creation, and to interact directly with it. You can do just that in the Hewlett Packard Labs pavilion on the show floor of HPE Discover 2018 in Las Vegas.

Here are some of the demos you might wish to visit if your goal is to be wowed.

Creating intelligent mobility using Memory-Driven Computing from distributed edge to cloud to core (DEMO817)

Data is a potent raw material for economic growth. But how can enterprises maximize their data potential, when by 2020, three out of four bytes will never see a data center? By bringing the enterprise to the data and by exploiting the interlocking information lifecycles that refine raw data into economic activity. Dive into the emerging world of autonomous vehicles and learn how a unified architecture can turn a disjointed collection of transportation modes into intelligent mobility, the vital heart of smart city economics.

Build anything from IOT to exascale using Memory-Driven Computing enabled by Gen-Z (DEMO815)

Visualize a world of connected devices from edge to cloud to core, all powered by the ultimate composable architecture, Memory-Driven Computing. The Gen-Z interconnect protocol is key to making Memory-Driven Computing work, enabling the compute elements to be assembled like Lego bricks to meet the needs of anything from a car, to a powerful data center. Stop by this interactive demo to build any computing device. It’s as easy as snapping together Lego blocks.

Gen-Z in action: A new approach to composable fabric infrastructure (DEMO819)

Gen-Z, developed by the Gen-Z Consortium, was created to simplify and unify data access within a single enclosure or at rack scale. See a Gen-Z rack scale system running on Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware to demonstrate three core memory capabilities, memory zoning, memory thin provisioning and memory sharing and high availability.

Driving Memory-Driven Computing from research to reality (DEMO813)

Customers are demanding new levels of computer system performance and functionality to meet the demands of quickly-evolving workloads. At Hewlett Packard Labs, we are inventing the building blocks to move computing forward from the rigid, constrained old world to an open, fast and flexible new world of Memory-Driven Computing. Check out our display of breakthrough technology from Hewlett Packard Labs and across the company and see how our technologies fit together to power tomorrow’s Memory-Driven enterprise.

Silicon photonics live in action (DEMO814)

Hewlett Packard Labs silicon photonics research focuses on extreme scale and low-latency communication over both very short and very long distances. See our breakthrough silicon photonics chip live in action. Watch the transmission of data over various communication protocols such as Gen-Z, one step closer to bringing this technology to data centers everywhere.

Get started with Memory-Driven Computing on HPE Superdome Flex (DEMO816)

Using Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s big memory systems and Memory-Driven Computing programming techniques, Hewlett Packard Labs has accelerated real-world healthcare and finance algorithms by multiple orders of magnitude; these are industries where speed and precision are paramount. Learn how you can get started on the Memory-Driven Computing journey and see how HPE Superdome Flex is evolving toward The Machine’s architecture with the latest research and technology coming out of Hewlett Packard Labs.

Towards zero-touch provisioning of edge compute resources (DEMO821)

Bringing up the edge is too hard today, with connectivity, configuration and security headaches and more to take into account. Hewlett Packard Labs’ light-touch edge infrastructure provisioning solution aims to simplify remote device orchestration via automated authentication, registration, configuration and monitoring, prior to deploying containerized end-user applications. The concept solution works with a range of devices, both HPE and third-party. See a live demo of how Hewlett Packard Labs makes it easy.

Towards Wi-Fi-assisted 5G enterprise wireless networks (DEMO820)

The skyrocketing capacity demand for mobile data drives the need for ubiquitous gigabits-per-second wireless access. Millimeter-wave technology has been emerging as the most promising solution to meet the need. At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we’re enabling robust, high-speed hybrid wireless enterprise connectivity, seamlessly blending millimeter-wave communication with Wi-Fi. See a live demo of how Hewlett Packard Labs' software innovations are making hardware operate smarter.

HPE and The Atlantic original films: Exascale computing and the ethics of AI (DEMO818)

From the race to exascale to the ethical implications of AI, HPE is shaping a future where everything computes. We’ve partnered with The Atlantic to create two short documentaries, “Eighteen Zeros” and The Ethics of AI. These original films showcase how HPE is approaching the many challenges to reach exascale in a new era of computational capabilities, and question how we can augment human capabilities without sacrificing our humanity and privacy in the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence.

HPE Deep Learning Cookbook: Get your technology recipe to build a deep learning system (DEMO611)

Deep learning is a key enabling technology behind the recent revival of artificial intelligence. Adopted by a handful of tech giants and industry leaders for computer vision and speech recognition, it is of interest to many companies who see the potential of this technology in different domains and believe it can have a profound effect on their businesses. Yet, they don’t have expertise and resources to make informed decisions on optimal hardware and software to run deep learning workloads efficiently. HPE’s Deep Learning Cookbook can help.

Hybrid blockchain implementations with container enabled architecture (DEMO702)

HPE’s hybrid blockchain implementation enables businesses to accelerate time-to-market, rapidly deploy in heterogeneous environments and orchestrate between private, public and hybrid clouds using Docker containers. Learn how your enterprise can start with a small configuration and seamlessly scale the blockchain network using the right mix of infrastructure, enabling you to streamline operations and enable template-based automation. See how this demo tracks parts and assets in a supply chain using Ethereum blockchain technology platform.


If you have yet to register for HPE Discover, please do. If you have registered, use the Agenda Builder to plan your visit and to review other demos and sessions.

Consult this post for a review of the sessions available at Discover.


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