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HPE DVE Session: Delivering Sustainable Innovation that Accelerates your Business

Want to learn more about how you can deliver sustainable innovation that also accelerates your business?  Tune in here and stream the session: "Delivering Sustainable Innovation that Accelerates your Business" with Christopher Wellise, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, HPE and Sune Baastrup, SVP and Chief Information Officer, Danfoss.

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This session explores how the key to progress, particularly in times of economic and societal crisis, is sustainable innovation. Faced with mounting pressure from stakeholders, enterprises are seeking to optimize and reduce the footprint of IT infrastructure, mitigate supply chain risk, and maximize the value of sustainability. Find out how HPE can help accelerate your digital transformation with sustainability in mind, so you can overcome the resource limitations holding you back while driving innovation, increasing time-to-value, and advancing your corporate purpose.

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