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HPE Data Center and Cloud Architect Certifications: HPE Certification and Learning

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Empower your career to go farther, faster with the latest Data Center and Cloud Architect certifications

As businesses move to open, flexible converged infrastructures and cloud services, IT professionals who plan, design, and shape this transformation require cross-discipline skills and new ways of approaching business problems and opportunities. The certifications within this portfolio validate you have the skills needed today to lead the transformation of data centers from rigid, siloed architectures to adaptive IT. Advance from foundational learning … to expert … then to our most exclusive professional certification: HPE Master ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect.

  • HPE ATP - Data Center and Cloud V2
  • HPE ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V3
  • HPE Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V1

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Steps to acquire an HPE Certification

Before you get started, please review this checklist before you start your certification journey. This includes how to obtain your HPE Learner ID and PearsonVue ID.

HPE ATP - Data Center and Cloud V2

This certification validates that you can identify, describe, and differentiate the HPE Helion data center and cloud strategy and solutions. You will also verify your ability to evaluate high-level customer requirements and recommend the best solution, and to demonstrate the key benefits and functionality of the HPE Helion cloud technologies. Earning this foundational cloud certification validates you are able to:

          • Explain the concepts of infrastructure convergence and cloud computing, the challenges encountered, and why organizations are moving to hybrid infrastructures
          • Articulate the HPE Helion cloud strategy, solutions, services and reference architecture including HPE Helion CloudSystem and OpenStack 
          • Identify opportunities for HPE Helion to provide solutions to current and anticipated business needs


Typical candidates are IT professionals who plan, design or manage data centers and need to incorporate cloud solutions. The ideal candidate has foundational HPE and 3rd party server, storage, networking, virtualization, operations, security and management product knowledge, and has worked in IT for at least 3 years.

Why earn this certification?

          • To fill the skills niche that businesses are looking for as they rapidly move to take advantage of cloud and data center convergence opportunities in the fast paced idea economy
          • To advance your knowledge of the complete suite of HPE Helion products, solutions and services
          • To become a more valuable asset to your team with validated core competencies to effectively recommend an agile and secure cloud solution
          • To enhance your career advancement and job satisfaction as a certified cloud professional
          • To maintain HPE Partnership benefits

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Prerequisites: None  

Register or apply for this certification

Register for this certification in The Learning Center.

Recommended Training ·        

HPE0-D33 Exam

Who should take this exam?

Most successful candidates have worked in the IT industry for at least 1-2 years and have foundational HPE server, storage, networking, and management product knowledge and have taken the recommended training. The candidate is able to: articulate the HPE Converged Infrastructure solutions strategy; including the purpose, benefits, and components; determine high-level customer requirements; generate a basic configuration; and demonstrate the key features of the solutions.

HPE ATP exams are test center proctored exams and delivered by Pearson VUE.

HPE ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect V3

This certification validates that you can identify, describe, position, demonstrate and design data center solutions based on HPE CloudSystem and HPE Helion solutions. You will verify you can design best fit solutions based on identified customer needs, the associated ROI/TCO, and customer’s current IT infrastructure maturity level and that you have the skills needed to help lead the transformation of data centers from rigid, siloed architectures to adaptive, hybrid IT. Earning this certification validates you can:

          • Explain and position the HPE CloudSystem and HPE Helion data center and cloud strategy and solutions
          • Determine customer technical and business requirements and design the best solution
          • Lead Proof of Concept activities and demonstrations
          • Identify HPE's strengths over other vendor solutions

Why earn this certification?

          • To validate you have the knowledge and skills necessary to recommend, demonstrate and design HPE CloudSystem and HPE Helion cloud solutions
          • To help organizations maximize their investments in HPE products and solutions
          • To advance your career as a certified cloud professional and keep your expertise current
          • To maintain your HPE partnership benefits


Typical candidates for this certification are consultants, sales engineers and presales technical architects who will recommend, design and demonstrate HPE CloudSystem and HPE Helion cloud solutions.  Learners should have a thorough understanding of converged infrastructure components including HPE servers, storage, networking, power and cooling, software, security, operations and services.

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You must have obtained 1 of the following certifications:

Do you qualify for an upgrade path?

Register or apply for this certification

Register for this certification in The Learning Center.

Recommended Training ·        

HPE0-D34 Exam

HPE Master ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect V1

Become a board certified, recognized leader in the IT industry

This certification validates that you can expertly present, architect and oversee (at every level) the implementation of a highly effective converged infrastructure and cloud solution. This includes both business and technical knowledge and experience.

This certification is designed for a very elite group of top professionals across the globe. It signals that you are most highly qualified to do the following:

          • Lead an organization's data center transformation.
          • Design and drive the development, specification and communication of the architecture plans.
          • Select and recommend the appropriate components, technologies and products.
          • Set the strategy for enterprise information across the new infrastructure.
          • Effectively participate in business transformation projects.
          • Identify opportunities to provide innovative solutions.
          • Communicate with high level decision makers.
          • Position and sell HPE Helion data center and cloud solutions, based on the business value the proposed solution will deliver.

See the Learning and Experience Guide (895KB, PDF) for more information on the skills and knowledge requirements and how to acquire these skills if necessary.

More about the HPE Master ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect V1 certification: Click here to download the handbook.

Cloud MASE 1.png

Cloud MASE 2.png



Typical candidates for this certification are HPE partner, employee or customer technical integration professionals who have a minimum of ten years experience in enterprise level infrastructure design. Typical candidates often hold any of the following job roles or certifications:

          • IT architect/ Enterprise architect
          • Principal technology consultant
          • HPE certified professional with a current ASE or Master ASE

Verify prerequisite knowledge and experience

No formal prerequisite certifications are required. However, you should have the following:

          • Very strong management level presentation skills together with exceptional business skills.
          • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), or similar certification, or equivalent experience.
          • Strong technical background in IT technologies, including (but not exclusive to) servers, storage, networking, management and software, power & cooling, data centers, virtualization, and cloud computing
          • Technology and design expertise in data centers.
          • Presales experience in competitive data center or cloud computing environments or both. This includes the ability to design cost effective data center solutions, size solutions, develop proposals and proof of concepts, manage resources to implement a solution, coordinate technical and business resources, and lead change efforts and governance processes.
          • Experience and knowledge with HPE Converged Infrastructure and its related technologies. This includes (but not exclusive to) Flex Fabric, Smart Grid, OneView, and others.
          • Familiarity with the business value tools (TCO/ROI), HP Power Advisor, and Simple Configurator or Sales Builder for Windows.

Purchase and complete application and provide professional reference

Your application requirements are:

          • Identify a person HPE can contact as a reference to validate your experience scoping and designing data center and cloud solutions. Your reference cannot be a relative or a person in your company who reports to you.
          • Provide a non-refundable payment of US$200 and submit the application.
          • Receive formal acceptance from HP to participate as a candidate for the certification.

NOTE:   As part of your application, you will be asked to provide specific information to help HPE evaluate your application, such as certifications you hold and your HPE Converged Infrastructure, data center, and cloud knowledge and experience. You will also be asked to provide contact information for the reference you designate. Your designated reference is required to complete and return a short email survey to validate your experience and suitability for this certification.

You will receive notification approximately two weeks after the application deadline. If approved, you will receive a Candidate Acceptance Packet containing detailed information and instructions for participating in the certification and fulfilling the certification requirements.

Take and pass the following entrance exam

*NOTE:  HP0-D32 is included at no cost with the board review fee and is administered at the board review session.

Recommended Training

Training is highly recommended to pass the entrance exam.

Take the board review exam

HP0-D19: create a data center and cloud business solution and present to the board.

The skills required, as listed in the Ideal Candidate section, will be validated during the board review. Before you attempt the final board review exam, be sure you have the listed prerequisite skills and experience. You also need the ability to present and explain your solution to the highest level of management, and sell a complete data center and cloud solution, based on the business value it will deliver, while relating the customer's business problems to IT solutions.

Recommended training for Board Review exam

Training is highly recommended to pass this exam. Training will help you focus on increasing your effectiveness within customer engagement scenarios. In addition, it should increase your chances of preparing a convincing presentation that will pass the board review exams.

Suggested learning path and experience: Learning and Experience Guide (895KB, PDF)

Good luck with your HPE cloud training and certification experience. We welcome any and all questions and comments in the comment section below.

 Important Note:

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