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Re: HPE Discover 2021: The Hybrid Cloud sessions you don’t want to miss


Note: This blog article was updated June 30, 2021 with links to sessions now available on-demand
HPE Discover 2021 is where the next wave of digital transformation begins – powered by hybrid cloud.  Our premier virtual event took place on June 22–24 for Americas and June 23–25 for APJ and EMEA, but many sessions are now available on-demand – just click on the links below. It’s an opportunity to learn how to propel your organization into a new world of pay-as-you-go simplicity; secure, seamless collaboration; and frictionless IT.

At HPE Discover, the future vision of a hybrid, edge-to-cloud world becomes reality.

See a full list of HPE Discover sessions for Hybrid Cloud

Must-see programming: Hybrid Cloud

The world today is hybrid and multi-cloud. Finding the right mix of cloud services is critical to digital transformation and will help to optimize business outcomes. We’ve assembled a full slate of sessions and demos to help you explore the benefits of HPE GreenLake for your business. It’s a great opportunity to lean how HPE GreenLake delivers a true cloud experience for the full range of your applications and data, wherever they happen to reside – from the data center to the edge to co-located facilities.

Spotlight Session and Meetup

HPE GreenLake: The Cloud That Comes to You (Session ID: SL4368)
The cloud experience has shaped expectations for all your apps and data—at the edge, in data centers, or in clouds. HPE GreenLake brings the speed, simplicity, and agility of the cloud to your data. Hear from leaders, customers, and partners discussing revolutionary new cloud platform technologies and services and key industry partnerships.

Customer Fireside Chat

Nokia Success Accelerated with HPE GreenLake Cloud Services (Session ID: N/A)
Join a fireside chat with Keith White, SVP and GM at HPE GreenLake cloud services, and Abhay Savargaonkar, CTO Global CSP Sales at Nokia, as they discuss why as a service is important to CSPs and why Nokia has adopted an as a service strategy.

Business Talks

Gain More Speed and Simplicity with Innovations from HPE GreenLake (Session ID: B4361)
Delivering infrastructure as a service means speed, simplicity, flexibility, and costs that align to your business. With innovations in HPE GreenLake, you can get started even faster with preconfigured offerings designed for easy implementation delivered from HPE and our partners.

Gain More Speed and Agility with Workload-Optimized Industry Platforms from HPE GreenLake (Session ID: B4360)
Electronic health records, medical imaging, financial payment systems, real-time security analytics, and 5G platforms have one thing in common—businesses depend on them. See how health care, financial services, and telecommunications organizations can bring the benefits of the cloud experience to these demanding workloads.

Insights and Discovery Made Possible Across More Use Cases with HPE GreenLake for HPC (Session ID: B4359)
Industry analyst Addison Snell shares ideas about expanding high-performance computing use cases to go beyond traditional applications. Hear how to leverage the power of HPE GreenLake cloud services to deliver more impact for your organization.

Solving the Complexity of Managing Hybrid Cloud with HPE GreenLake (Session ID: B4363)
Whether your apps and data are in public, private, or hybrid clouds, what matters is the experience—simple, fast, and seamless. Learn how HPE GreenLake Central creates a single experience across your clouds—in edges, colocations, or data centers—along with the common cloud platform and HPE GreenLake Management Services.

Innovate Faster with the Cloud-Native Platform for HPE GreenLake, the Cloud That Comes to You (Session ID: B4511)
The scalability, reliability, and agility of public cloud is due in part to its cloud-native infrastructure. Now, HPE GreenLake will embrace the same type of modular, automated, and secure platform for your cloud services at edge, in your colocation, or your data center. Join us to learn about this new foundation for HPE GreenLake cloud services.


Accelerate Insights and Innovation with HPC as a Service from HPE GreenLake (ID: DEMO4481)
Digital transformation is driving new data-intensive workloads and demand for real-time analytics for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Now you can unlock the potential of HPC without the high upfront cost. Join our experts for a demonstration of HPE GreenLake for HPC, a pay-per-use service managed for you in your own environment.

10 Things You Can Do Easier with HPE GreenLake Central (ID: DEMO4429)
IT isn't just for IT people anymore. It's for coders, cloud architects, bean counters, and bosses. With HPE GreenLake, you can consume the cloud services you need and manage them from a central platform. In this demo, we'll highlight 10 things you can do with HPE GreenLake Central that help make everyone's job faster and easier.

Cybersecurity standouts

Protecting your data is vital to success in the hybrid cloud era, and at HPE, security is deeply embedded in everything we do. You won’t want to miss these sessions:

CTO Spotlight

Inside the Garage: Explore the HPE Innovation Strategy for an Edge-to-Cloud World (Session ID: SL4523)
In the Age of Insight, data is the new currency and time is the most precious commodity. Join Kumar Sreekanti to learn how the latest innovations across HPE combine to create edge-to-cloud platforms that can help your organization utilize the full potential of its data with speed and agility.

Security Spotlight and Meetup

HPE Project Aurora: Stop Playing Whack-a-Mole with Security (Session ID: SL4467)
Come learn more about Project Aurora, HPE’s forthcoming embedded security platform that layers zero-trust building blocks—silicon to cloud—into all HPE products. See how Project Aurora helps prevent sophisticated cyberthreats from compromising HPE platforms via its immutable trust chain backed by our iLO 5 security chip.


Project Aurora: Embedding Zero-Trust Building Blocks from Silicon to Cloud (Session ID: B4387)
Organizations running complex distributed systems are attacked every 11 seconds. Learn how Project Aurora, HPE’s forthcoming embedded security platform, continuously protects HPE products with an immutable chain of trust to automatically detect and thwart bleeding-edge cyberattacks.


Project Aurora: Continuous Security to Verify, Detect, and Prevent Attacks from Silicon to Cloud (ID: DEMO4388)
Join HPE experts as we demonstrate how Project Aurora, HPE's forthcoming embedded security platform, protects the HPE GreenLake Cloud Services and thwarts some of the world’s most dynamic and persistent cyberthreats facing enterprises today.

This article was updated on June 29, 2021

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