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HPE Sales Pro: new, global learning experience for HPE and partner sales professionals

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HPE Sales Pro: new, global learning experience for HPE and partner sales professionals

What if learning drives selling?

HPE Sales Pro is the new learning destination that helps HPE and partner sellers find and use enablement quickly—so that they can lead the next conversation, build their knowledge of the HPE portfolio, and grow in their sales. By engaging with simple online training that assists sellers in providing insights to their customers, they’ll increase their win rates by 23%*.

Developed using feedback from sellers, HPE Sales Pro helps HPE and partner sales professionals enhance their skills and expand their knowledge of the HPE portfolio so that they can sell more—whether they’re at their desk or on the go. 

How is it different?

HPE Sales Pro is designed to serve sellers’ unique needs and works in smooth conjunction with other HPE experiences.

  • Seismic offers top selling content and news
  • HPE Tech Pro focuses on technical audiences
  • HPE Sales Pro concentrates specifically on enabling sellers—delivering learning in the most fun and engaging way possible so that they are inspired to learn as a way to earn more money. The platform experience is currently offered in English, with other in-language versions coming soon.

HPE Sales Pro:

  • Aggregates innovative sales enablement and tools in one platform that users can access anytime, anywhere  
  • Builds a custom learning program using tailored enablement aligned to the user’s role  
  • Contains brand new short training modules with engaging content—including videos, podcasts, microlearning, and gamification, as well as personalized development activities—offered by HPE Sales Pro Learning Center.

HPE and partner sales professionals:

  • Visit 
  • Select “HPE Employees” or “HPE Partners” from the registration page
  • Enter or request your HPE credentials

You can review the program launch materials in the HPE Sales Pro Seismic Briefcase



*CSO Insights, 2018-2019 Sales Performance Report 

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