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HPE Server V3 Certification Portfolio Deep Dive

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The heart of any data center are the servers. Small to large, almost every company I talk to has at least one server. From running a Microsoft Domain Controller to mission critical applications, and test environments, the ideal server platform is an HPE ProLiant rack or tower server solution.

To demonstrate a high level of proficiency with ProLiant server hardware setup, operating system installation, and 3rd party software configuration, I recommend following our HPE Server certification portfolio path. HR managers and customers need IT professional who can plan, deploy, and manage innovative IT solutions using the lastest HPE ProLiant servers and solutions.

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HPE ATP - Server Solutions V3

The HPE Server Solutions certification portfolio starts with the HPE ATP – Server Solutions V3 certification. This certification validates that you have foundational knowledge of HPE’s most popular server solutions and innovations. Please note: You qualify for an upgrade path if you hold the HPE – ATP Server Solutions V2 certification.


Additionally this certification validates you can:

  • Understand and can explain the features and functions of HPE ProLiant rack (DL), tower (ML) and BladeSystem solutions
  • Describe HPE infrastructure management solutions, including on-system, on-premise, and on-cloud management offerings
  • Understand on-system management tools used to prepare a ProLiant system for deployment like iLO, RESTful interface tool and Intelligent Provisioning
  • Explain the HPE OneView approach to infrastructure lifecycle management
  • List and describe the HPE Synergy composable infrastructure components and their functions, including compute modules, frames and fabric
  • Contribute basic HPE server design and product recommendations
  • Explain how HPE Transformation Areas reflect the most important customer IT needs and how HPE server solutions help solve these needs

For a complete overview of this cerification, including upgrade paths, read this blog post HPE - ATP Server Solutions V3 Deep Dive

HPE ASE - Server Solutions Architect V3

This certification validates you can plan and design enterprise class server solutions based on HPE ProLiant, BladeSystem and HPE Synergy composable infrastructure solutions. People holding the V2 version of this certification will follow the upgrade path..

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Additionally this certification validates you can:

  • Summarize the four top IT Transformation Areas
  • Design and recommend HPE ProLiant, BladeSystem and Synergy solutions based on your assessment of customer requirements and ROI/TCO goals
  • Describe features and functions of HPE Apollo high performance computing solutions
  • Explain how to perform converged management with HPE OneView 3.0
  • Explain how to perform remote management with HPE Insight Online and Insight Remote Support
  • Differentiate HPE server solutions from the competition

For a complete overview of this cerification, including upgrade paths, read this blog post:  HPE – ASE Server Solutions Architect V3 Deep Dive

NOTE: The Delta - HPE OneView exam is for individuals who hold an HPE OneView certification or have an extensive working knowledge of HPE OneView.

HPE Master ASE - Advanced Server Solutions Architect V3

This certification validates your ability to design, differentiate and deploy advanced enterprise server solutions including HPE Integrity, Apollo and Moonshot servers.

The HPE Master ASE – Advanced Server Solutions Architect certification is new and has no upgrade path. I have compiled a detailed summary of this certification in the blog post: HPE Master ASE - Advanced Server Solutions Architect V3 Deep Dive.

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Additionally this certification validates you can:

  • Describe IT transformation areas affecting enterprises and how HPE server strategy and solutions address these opportunities
  • Explain and position HPE advanced server solutions including Integrity, Apollo and Moonshot
  • Lead Proof of Concept activities and demonstrations
  • Determine customer technical, financial and business requirements and design the best solution
  • Identify HPE's strengths over other vendor solutions
  • Determine the anticipated ROI/TCO of the recommended solution

This is one of HPE's most demanding and highly respected credentials. It validates you have reached the pinnacle of Hewlett Packard Enterprise certifications. The Master ASE has rich technical skills in advanced enterprise solutions combined with IT business acumen. This certification level tells management, executives, and peers that you can align IT solutions to an organization’s financial and business goals. It provides assurance that you can design and implement complex solutions, from proposal stage to live deployment, and use the full breadth of Hewlett Packard Enterprise technology, solutions and services.

Start your HPE certification journey today!

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