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HPE Tech Pro Community: Enabling our partners to grow faster!

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Pete Howard, Vice President of ComnetCo, Inc., a Hewlett Packard Enterprise gold partner, speaks about the power of membership in HPE Tech Pro Community. “Tech Pro has become part of our daily routine. There’s not a day that someone in our office isn’t leveraging that tool…My advice to any other partner, any other internal HPE [solution architect], is get on and use it. There’s a tremendous amount of information…ready for you to consume,” he said.

Thanks to his PBM, Pete has been a member of the community since its inception and he credits the community for his ability to access, not only a team of solution architects, but also internal HPE experts.

“Every deal we’re working on today we’ve used Tech Pro. So, if we’re responding to an RFP, and we need technical documents, if we’re creating a slide deck for a presentation, we’re getting collateral from there…”

Pete’s customers are changing the world. Watch the full video, share this with your partners, be sure to join Tech Pro here, and encourage your partners to join too!

Stay up-to-date with all the exciting news in the HPE Tech Pro Community briefcase.

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