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HPE Tech Pro Master ASE & Aruba CE’s VIP Reception sponsored by Intel®

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A special VIP reception was held amongst the hustle and bustle of the HPE Global Partner Summit. In addition to having access to the HPE Tech Pro Community Lounge sponsored by Intel®, all Master ASE’s and Aruba CE’s were invited to Once, a popular Peruvian restaurant for food, refreshments, networking and celebration of their accomplishments.

Recognizing hard work and years of dedication was the theme of Wednesday evening’s cocktail hour. Worldwide there are just over 4,000 individuals that hold at least one Master ASE or Aruba CE certification. A feat in itself. The award recipients that were brought on stage held either three or four Master ASE or Aruba CE certifications. Only 119 and 28 individuals hold a three or four of these top tier active certifications worldwide, respectively. Rare company indeed. We call these individuals triple and quad threats. They bring immense knowledge and skill to customer’s toughest challenges and are considered the elite of technical partners. Each Triple- and Quad-threat was recognized by Steven Hagler (VP, Partner Enablement) and given crystal award and personalized jacket by Paul Hunter (Senior VP, Partner Sales).

The ample amount of time dedicated to building out their expertise did not go without acknowledgement Wednesday evening. To re-live the events leading up to the VIP evening, take a look back at our past blogs.

Lastly, we want to extend a thank you to all the certified professionals and the dedication and time they commit each year, to those who came by the VIP event, the Tech Pro Lounge, and lastly to those honored at the VIP Reception. Your efforts do not go unnoticed! A special thank you also goes out to Intel® for making possible the Tech Pro Lounge, Exam Center and VIP evening.

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