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HPE Tech Talk podcast: Get to know HPE with Antonio Neri, CEO

HPE is a collection of technology and talent, and together, we advance the way the people live by turning ideas into value. In our inaugural episode, we’re joined by HPE’s CEO Antonio Neri to explore HPE's guiding purpose and what our latest news & announcements mean for the tech industry.


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About HPE Tech Talk podcast
Our new podcast series will take you straight to the source on HPE’s news, tech insights, and world-class innovations. We’ll share insights on our edge-to-cloud technologies, innovations, culture, and more.

Hosted by HPE’s Robert Christiansen, Office of the CTO you’ll hear from HPE tech luminaries and industry experts who will share their perspectives and address questions on the latest technologies that are creating an impact.




Welcome to HPE Tech Talk, I’m your host Robert Christiansen, thank you for joining me. I had a chance to sit down with Antonio Neri CEO of HPE to discuss the company’s inflight pivot to an edge to cloud platform as a service technology company. And there’s a lot to unpack and I had a chance to unpack it with Antonio and discuss what it means to him, what it means to the employees, and what it means most importantly to our clients and partners on a global basis. So, sit back and enjoy the conversation with Antonio.

Antonio, thank you so much for taking the time for this first podcast on our Tech Talk. I really am grateful for the opportunity that you and I get a chance to talk and speak about this and pretty exciting stuff. In today's all-hands meeting, I thought it was really great how you went over the edge-to-cloud platform as a service company. What does it mean to our customers to be an edge-to-cloud platform as a service company?


Well, first of all, thanks for having me here, Robert. We spoke about what we see from the customer demand perspective, as well as the transition to more as an outcome driven solutions, and in that, the cloud plays a huge role, right?

We talked about cloud, in the end, is an experience, and we want to bring that experience to all the apps and data, wherever they live: at the edge, in a data center, in a colo or in a public cloud, and be able to provide a consistent experience with the same consumption model, and so we have a unique opportunity because we have to deliver that consistent experience from the edge with our portfolio, and then in the cloud, in the data center, as well as off-premises with the work we're doing with HPE GreenLake, but ultimately it's about unifying all the aspects of our product and services in this new way we deliver IT resources, which is ultimately in a scale-up and scale-down type of solutions in an elastic way, and then pay on a consistent basis.



Our purpose is to advance the way people live and work, and it's a purpose that means a huge amount to me; as a matter of fact, it's what keeps me committed to this journey that the thought that 30-plus percent of all compute in the globe is handled by HPE just awes me, right? And you think about the amount of good that happens as a result of that. I mean, that's just a huge, huge thing. So advancing the way people live and work is really important. As the leader of HPE, what does our purpose mean to you and how does it guide you, especially in this year?


Well, first of all, I'm really proud of our purpose to advance the way people live and work. For me, it's my guiding star, it's why we exist, and remember we advance the way people live and work by engineering experiences that unlock your full potential, and the “your,” it can be a customer, it can be a partner, it can be a community, it can be an employee for that matter, and so for me, this is how we govern ourself. That's our purpose, that's why we exist, and it's not just about the business.

It's about the contribution we make to the society, to the communities we participate, and it has to be supported by a culture, by DNA, by a set of values that obviously we need to live every single day. We live in an incredible time, both in good times and bad times, right? The bad time is obviously the global pandemic, the turbulent times we'll see in our society; the good time is the fact that technology is moving at lightning speed. It has the potential to change everything and to solve some of the biggest societal problems, but we got ourself—let's accelerate what is next, whatever it is in the business or in our communities.

And then also let's be bold because, ultimately, the people who are bold are the people who make a difference, and we together—60,000-plus team members—can be very powerful in everything we do. To me, it's all about making our technology and our talent available to solve those problems.

That's what it means to me. Obviously, if we do this right, it's good for the business, it's good for every employee, and when I think about the investors now—investors are way more oriented to stakeholder capitalism and ultimately to more ESG (environmental social governance responsibility) and that's why I'm really proud that we have a very strong ESG agenda. We have one of the most diverse company boards in the world, definitely in corporate America.



Well articulated. I really appreciate the depth and breadth of how you...just the ownership of it all, Antonio, it's empowering to me as a leader to watch you as well do this. What are some of the customer examples that illustrate some of this? I know I have a couple, but I know that you have some personal favorites that really kind of exemplify this.


Well, I mean, a great example is one of the deals we just announced, LyondellBasell, right? I mean, they decided to adopt HBE GreenLake cloud services as a solution, a) because they give them the ability to scale up and down based on their needs. But the reason why they did it also to drive focus on environmental actions that they are taking. Remember, they are the largest plastic and chemical company, one of the largest plastic and chemical companies, and so they are all kind of thinking, how I continue to grow my business and still make this planet better.



Fantastic. So we're coming off of a great quarter with a lot of momentum. The Q3 earnings were announced and we beat the estimates with significant growth, specifically in GreenLake, which is just a rock star story, Antonio. I just want to say that, if the words I'd like to use were hitting on all cylinders on that front, we're just making a huge move, and we made a number of announcements around the introduction of Ezmeral. So what should a customer really take away from this, and how should they be seeing HPE as we continue to gain that momentum with these announcements?


Well, obviously for us to completely win, we need the best innovation—which has to be customer driven innovation—and obviously the best talent, and the combination of the two to deliver the best possible differentiated experience. In the end, to me, it comes down to the customer experience, and so innovation happens at all levels. It's not just technology innovation. It can be business model innovation, it can other aspects of what we do, and I'm always encouraged and inspired by the type of creativity and ideas we hear from people across the organization. We just need to listen more.

In this company, for the last 20 years, we have phenomenal ideas.

Think about the cloud concept, IoT, converge infrastructure—all these concepts came from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Some of them are 12, 14, 15 years in the making. So I think we have a tremendous innovation DNA. Think about outcomes for customers, where our portfolio of product and services and software can deliver those outcomes in new and radical ways.



I'm glad to be on this journey with you, Antonio. Thank you very much.


I want to thank you, Robert, for the opportunity to have this short chat.



Join us next time for the next HPE Tech Talk podcast as we unpack the latest strategies and news from HPE GreenLake and others. Thank you very much. We'll catch you next time.



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