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HPE Volunteers in Romania handcraft tactile images for visually impaired people


Sooner or later we might all have a challenge to see things perfectly with our eyes. Potentially glasses might offer a solution yet have we ever asked ourselves how blind people are managing to cross the street and follow their way back home?

Picture2.jpgOur Bucharest employees had such a qualitative time discussing with Dan Patzel from ADU NGO around a system that will help people with disability to not only feel the image in front of them yet to also listen to its story… and we did our best to impact a bit the change.

Embrace Inclusion ERG in Romania, Bucharest exists with the objective of creating inclusion opportunities in HPE and engaging employees with NGOs and other structures to bring our contribution to the community we serve.

In our journey to raise awareness on the challenges faced by disabled employees and how to interact with colleagues having disabilities, we met with ADU NGO - Dan Patzelt who trained us how to emboss, gave us some insights about THAT’S (Touch & Hear Assistive Teaching System) prototype and the benefits this application offers to visually impaired people: mobility, inclusion, independence and free access.


In 4 different “Do it Yourself” workshops series, our local employees understood how they can facilitate the access to knowledge and entertainment of blind and visually impaired people. They designed different tactile images and learned to see things from a different perspective. Our employees joined the workshop with children and they had a blast while learning how to make a difference for those who need the support. 

It is a long jorney that we are willing to take and embrance happily. We can't wait for what comes next and we can only say that we are happy to share our experience with you! 



Anca Maria Sandu, EMEA Region Credit manager at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseAnca Maria Sandu, EMEA Region Credit manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

About the author:  
Anca Maria Sandu joined HPE in 2007 accumulating experience in Credit & Collection. She is currently managing Customers from Credit perspective as EMEA Region Credit Manager.  Anca has also a strong background working in the information technology and services industry.

Prior to HPE, she worked 8 years for Vodafone. She is now leading Embrace Inclusion ERG in Bucharest, Romania.

Stay connected to Anca via LinkedIn and to learn more about our culture visit HPE Careers.

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